SHORT SHIFT KIT - BD ('99-'02, NV5600 - 6 SPEED)

Item #: BD-1031050
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When we learned of BD's short shift kit, we knew it was a "have-to-have" item. Like many of the audience, we think it is fun to row through the six-speed gearbox with authority. As you know, the six-speed's linkage does not really lend itself to high-speed rowing and missed fourth to fifth shifts are commonplace. The BD kit has eliminated that problem and made it easier for this trucking "oarsman" to row without fear of a missed shift.

For those not familiar with a short shift kit, the principle of operation is easy - it's called leverage. The net effect of all short shift kits is that you lengthen the bottom, shorten the top, and this changed leverage makes shifting a short "click."

An added benefit to the BD kit: it seems to angle the shifter to the left and back towards the driver for easier positioning.

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SHORT SHIFT KIT - BD ('99-'02, NV5600 - 6 SPEED)

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