MIRROR EXTENSIONS - CIPA ('10-'16, 2500/3500)

Item #: CIPA-DG-11400

Only One Set Remaining. When It's Gone, It's Gone!

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Have you found yourself towing a wide trailer with the stock Dodge sport-type mirrors? No doubt it was a frustrating experience as you could not see vehicles at the tail of the trailer. Slide a pair of custom CIPA towing mirrors over your existing factory mirrors and extend the viewing angle by 4 to 5 inches.

We tried all types of mirror extensions looking for a "non-vibrating" solution. Yes, these mirrors vibrate, but it is better to see a "vibrating" oncoming vehicle than to not see it at all. Unless you can spend $300+ for power extension mirrors, mirror extensions are the answer.

These mirror extensions fit snugly over your vehicles existing sideview mirror and install in minutes. No tools are required, and no marks or holes are left on your vehicle.

For trucks with Black Electric Heated Mirrors.


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Great Product
Jan 29, 2017  |  By Larry Sturm
Wish I had purchased these mirrors along time ago. Easy to install, fit perfect, don't look like a add on, gives me the extra view behind me when towing.

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