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The AcuTemp Adapter takes less than five minutes to install and allows you to install any 1/8 NPT temperature sender on a transmission cooler line. You never have to touch the transmission fluid, so there is no concern over fluid contamination. This adapter can be installed by anyone.

The temperature reading is obtained via heat transfer from the line, through the adapter, to the temp sensor. It provides a good, general temperature at that point so it can be monitored for heating trends. The adapter is made of aluminum which dissipates heat rapidly. There has been some concern about getting a false reading due to accumulated heat in the line, but we have not seen where this has been an issue. Installing the temperature adapter using another method/component may give you a different reading than the AcuTemp adapter.

This may fit other applications as long as the OD of the transmission line is 1/2".


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Mixed review
Sep 21, 2017  |  By James Pugh
It definitely reads the transmission outlet temp. But it doesn't work while driving. The wind under my truck cools off the aluminum so I have no idea what the actual temp is until I stop for a few mins. Going to try wrapping it with something to keep the wind off the adapter.

Sep 5, 2017  |  By Phillip
Bought this for my 08 6.7 with a 68FRE. It was very easy to install. Just alittle confused at first about which was the "hot" transmission line. I will be getting a new transmission soon and didn't want to mess with cutting lines, this adapter is an easy way to monitor things before the new trans goes in. Geno's was great and got this thing shipped to me in good time.

#1 for my purchases
Jun 21, 2017  |  By Toby
Geno's Garage is an Awesome place to buy parts for Cummins..just the little things they sent along with my order to show their appreciation of my purchase won me over..good people and I will definitely be shopping at Geno's again!!!

Feb 15, 2017  |  By Joel
I have purchased several time from Geno's and as always, have been completely satisfied. The AccuTemp adapter was true to description, easy to install and performance is what I expected. Thanks to Geno's Garage!

Great alternative to inline fittings
Dec 28, 2016  |  By Eric Viitala
One piece design that clamps on the line, prevents opening the lines and causing a possible leak. Great idea.

ACCU temp adapter
Dec 20, 2016  |  By Keith
Excellent product. This is my 4th truck doing gauge set up installs with this component. I am 100% satisfied.

Install and Tech Information

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