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No more mess. When it comes to changing the automatic transmission fluid, we've yet to meet anyone skilled or lucky enough to drop the transmission pan without making a major mess. The last time you changed the transmission fluid, you might have been washing ATF out of your hair for two days.

The answer: the B&M transmission drain plug. Every automatic transmission needs a fluid drain plug.

The B&M plug is a universal drain plug and is designed to be used on pans without drain plugs. It is installed by removing the pan and drilling a 1/2" hole in it. The retaining nut inside the transmission pan sticks up 1/4".

Not all the ATF will drain, but if you've changed ATF, you know it doesn't matter. At drain time, you can remove the pan after the ATF is drained without the associated mess of a "pan drop" type fluid change.

TIP: The B&M drain plug is an easy way to adapt a 1/8 NPT temperature sensor to the transmission pan by replacing the plug with sensor.


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May 1, 2017  |  By David
Be VERY careful when you torque the nut down on the pan. Torque them to EXACTLY what B&M suggests. I thought I'd give it a little extra to be certain there be no leaks, and ended up snapping the threaded stud off. Had to buy another and torqued to exact specs, no issues whatsoever. Great buy at a great price.

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