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If you have replaced the OEM fuel transfer pump with a FASS DRP pump, you will need this FASS/VULCAN relocation bracket to mount it in your truck.

The bracket uses a heavier gauge steel than the bracket supplied in the VULCAN Fuel Transfer Pump Relocation Kit and is longer to provide room for the increased size of the FASS DRP compared to the stock fuel pump.

Bracket is drilled so either a FASS DRP or OEM fuel transfer pump can be mounted to it.

NOTE: When relocating a FASS DRP using the Vulcan Relocation Kit, it is necessary to remove the DRP inlet filter screen. It is recommended that you add the FF-5079 universal inline fuel filter screen to filter fuel to the pump.


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Awesome Bracket
Dec 8, 2017  |  By Tim Waldo
Used to mount a back up lift pump from Oriely's Auto Parts, has standard bolt patterns for replacement pumps. Mounted right beside my FASS pump for fast road side change if my FASS ever fails again.

FASSlCarter Relocation Bracket
Nov 21, 2016  |  By Leaky
Used to relocate pump from Engine. Perfect fit.

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