CUP HOLDER ('99-'01 FORD F250, F350 ONLY)

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The headline reads "CUP HOLDER IMPROVES FUEL MILEAGE BY 5 PERCENT." The audience comments, "Now I've heard it all." While the mileage savings may be fictitious, the Cup-Smoothie (for five-speed owners) will reinforce smooth gear shift changes. And smooth gear changes with a smooth right throttle foot will net better mileage. Hence, the "Smoothie" title for our product. For automatic owners there is not a gearshift lever/cup holder close fit, thus no outlandish mileage comments.

The console mounted cup holder is form fitted to the inside diameters of the console. Using a 1" x 6" Velcro strip, the cup holder attaches to the inside of the console. Extend the console closing latch by turning the latch counterclockwise, close the console door and you've instantly increased storage and cup holding capacity of your truck.

Cup wells are 4" deep. The upper 3 3/4" diameter. The lower 2 3/4" diameter. Has slot for coffee mug handle.

CUP HOLDER ('99-'01 FORD F250, F350 ONLY)

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