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Discontinued Item - Limited Supplies

This billet dust cap has an external O-ring that slides into the fuel fill neck of '13-'18 Ram 2500/3500 pickup trucks. There is a magnet recessed into the base so that you can put the fuel cap on the back side of the door when filling the tank.

The cap is anodized green with "DIESEL" engraved into the cap.

NOTE: Also fits '14-'18, Ram 1500 EcoDiesel trucks.



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Fuel cap
Sep 25, 2015  |  By Ron Stone
Great item to keep road dirt and small rocks out

Diesel Gas Cap
Sep 25, 2015  |  By John
I upgraded to the Aluminum fuel cap, excellent fit and great customer service. John was very helpful. Facebook Sign

Aluminum Diesel Fill Cap
Sep 27, 2015  |  By Marc Dellario
This cap is a small but classy addition to adding protection of the filler neck on My truck. The magnetic holder works well preventing the loss of the cap by leaving it on the pump. The "O"ring seal however is way too tight and makes removing it to fill the truck difficult. I have bad hands and it requires a very awkward prying to remove it.

Aluminum Fuel Cap
Oct 13, 2015  |  By Steve Czoschke
Purchased and received this fuel cap last week. Quality piece. Based on other comments, I applied a bit of silicone to the 'O-ring' before installing. Works great and is plenty easy to insert and remove. Great improvement over stock plastic piece.

Too Tight
Sep 19, 2016  |  By DEAN DENNIS
I have to agree with the other reviews. Mine is almost too tight to use. It's very hard to get on and off due to the O-ring being too tight. I've tried lube, but it doesn't help. It's a nice magnetic paperweight.

Great Cap
Oct 21, 2016  |  By Shaun
No issues with this cap being too lose. It fits snug and sticks out past the filler tube for ease of pulling it out.

Lovin' it 2 years - minor tip
Nov 3, 2016  |  By Patrick Larkin, Jr.
I got mine in late 2014 and have loved it from day one. I have no idea why Dodge felt it was OK to do away with a real fuel cap (the factory shipping is OK for a short while). The magnet is a smart idea! Heads up though: one day after fueling recently, I pulled the cap off my fuel door hinge, and it left the magnet behind. No big deal... got home, cleaned everything up real well and JBWelded the magnet back in.

Nice product
Nov 21, 2016  |  By Ryan Mclean
Very nice upgrade from the piece of plastic from the factory. It's a little tight. Takes a bit to get it off. But I just lube it a little

Fuel filler cap
Nov 29, 2016  |  By Ron Chapman
Great replacement for a seriously cheap & inefficient filler cap. This billet cap not only looks good but provides a dust & water seal. Some reviewers noted the fit was to tight but I found an application of dielectric silicon to the O ring solved any tightness problem. Highly recommended!

Fuel cap
Dec 14, 2016  |  By David Brinegar
Great product. Keeps dirt and road gunk off capless filler.

Fuel cap
Dec 19, 2016  |  By Tim Hill
Works great as designed.

Best Price
Feb 1, 2017  |  By Greg Palladino
They offer the best price and fast shipping can't beat it.

Gas Cap
Feb 24, 2017  |  By Sig
A very good product, I would recommend it highly to anyone.Very fast shipping and good communication

Diesel fuel fill cap
Feb 24, 2017  |  By Barry Holland
Cap fits tight and works well.

Fits tight
Mar 6, 2017  |  By Tim Boehlke
Good looking and well made, tight fit due to rubber gasket, magnet to hold it on fuel door while fueling is a good touch

Good but pricey
Mar 23, 2017  |  By Peter
This cap is exactly as advertised. Fits perfectly - very snug - and the magnet is strong enough to reach through the plastic inside liner of the fuel flap on my 2017 3500 RAM. While pricey, I would pay more for a locking version if created. No locks on the filler flaps on the Ram

Fuel cap
Apr 3, 2017  |  By Gordon Price
Great product. Why didn't the manufacturer think of it.

2014 Diesel Fuel Filler Cap
Apr 15, 2017  |  By Troy
Fits nice and snug. Has a magnet built in to place it on the back of the door when fueling.

Diesel Fuel Filler Cap
Apr 19, 2017  |  By Smooth
Heavy duty green cap with magnet is outstanding choice to seal the fuel fill opening.

Diesel cap
Jul 1, 2017  |  By Kraig

Jul 19, 2017  |  By Denise Moitoza
After being utterly shocked that buying a brand new Dodge truck does not get you a fuel tank or DEF tank cap I found that Genos Garage sold them. These are really nice and high quality. Don't be fooled by other cheaper versions THEY DON'T FIT PROPERLY! These fit properly and look nice.

Ram 2500 fuel cap
Aug 5, 2017  |  By Jesse
I was nervous not having a legit fuel cap on my brand new diesel truck. Very excited to have a solution to this problem. These billet fuel fill caps are a very nice fit. A little tight the first couple times filling up but I think with a bit diesel on the oring now it goes in and out nicely but still a tight enough fit that I'm confident it's well sealed.

Thank you genos
Aug 9, 2017  |  By Jordan
Nobody knows why dodge does crazy stuff, like not putting a fuel cap on a 4x4. But the first time off road my fuel neck was full of dirt. If not for genos and this awesome cap, i would probably have a rag stuffed in there. Awesome quality, fits perfect... even comes with am extra o-ring.

Fuel Fill
Sep 17, 2017  |  By Eric Albright
Works like charm! Replaces the cheap plastic plug that came on the truck.

Nice Upgrade
Nov 3, 2017  |  By Mike
Nice fitment and upgrade

Diesel cap
Nov 20, 2017  |  By Sergey
Awesome product, like the extra flyers

Aluminum fuel cap
Dec 7, 2017  |  By sam greenberg
Wish it had a tab or handle to make it easier to open.

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