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For a measure of efficiency/throttle response, we've had members write in with stories about removing the muffler. We've also heard our share of stories about outrageous invoices from the muffler shops. What is the do-it-yourselfer to do? Try a muffler elimination (ME) kit from Geno's Garage.

With a custom bend and pipe clamp, the kit is designed to replace the existing Dodge Turbo Diesel muffler assembly. The ME kit is made from aluminized steel like the factory exhaust system.

The exhaust noise increase is 5 - 8 dba higher than the stock muffler equipped truck. If this is a concern, local noise ordinances should be researched before installation.

ME kits include clamps and installation instructions.

NOTE: Does not replace resonator. For trucks built before 01/01/04 with stock 3.5" exhaust system.


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Jun 5, 2018  |  By Ron
I already got a 4" exhaust pipe from turbo back, i would like to know if this muffler delete kit will fit the 4" exhaust system?
Owner Response:If you are looking for a 4" you will want the elimination kit for '04.5-'07 since they came 4" from the factory. This is assuming the muffler and bends are in the factory location.

Just what i needed
Sep 28, 2016  |  By Max Renigado
The adjustable hanger clamp made this replacement! You guys should offer that clamp separately.
Owner Response:Not a bad idea, we will look into this.

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