GASKET, VALVE COVER - MSI ('03'-'05, 24V - 5.9L)

Item #: MSI6511
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Replacement valve cover gasket for '03-'05 Dodge Turbo Diesel trucks with the 5.9L engine.

GASKET, VALVE COVER - MSI ('03'-'05, 24V - 5.9L)


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Valve cover gasket
Nov 1, 2016  |  By Tob Whitaker
Gasket fit as it should and doesn't leak after 2 weeks of driving. It was too loose to fit the groove of the head cover. So your options are to finger around the gasket while the head cover is on the engine and try to place the gasket into the head cover groove which proved to be impossible for me - plus I don't have much patience for that kind of stuff. I put in some thick axle grease into the track of the head cover and the gasket stuck in there very well. Just make sure you wipe the outside of the cover and get all the grease off before you drive.
Owner Response:Thank you for your feedback. Although this is not a common issue, the axle grease trick is a great suggestion.

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