STEERING BOX KIT - PSC ('94-'99, 2500/3500 4WD) Y-STYLE

Item #: PSC-SG852K1
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The '94-'99 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4x4 truck steering gears have always had failures to the lower sector shaft bearing and seals due to the single bearing design. This new PSC extreme-duty steering box for trucks with a Y-Style tie-rod setup fixes the problems of the OEM box and is a great part for your truck..

  • 45mm bearing and sector shaft to eliminate any side-to-side flex
  • 16:1 ratio for easier parking and less turns lock-to-lock
  • 85mm piston for more turning force
  • Will not work with any steering box braces
With the PSC extreme-duty gear box replacement you get a 45mm bearing and sector shaft compared to the factory 32mm to eliminate any side-to-side flex. No need for brace anymore!

The steering gear features a 16:1 ratio for easier parking and less turns lock-to-lock along with a modern variable valve for stable highway driving and effortless maneuvering. A quicker ratio steering gear means 3.5 turns lock-to-lock compared to the factory 3.75 turns lock-to-lock. Features a Big Bore 85mm piston compared to the factory 80mm piston for more turning force.

NOTE: Due to the increased overall size of the Big Bore extreme-duty steering gear spacers are included in the kit to space the gear box off the frame. There is a 1" difference from the OEM steering gear. We suggest trimming the draglink and tierod at pitman arm 1/2" to clear for alignment.

NOTE: This Kit fits the 94-99 Models with the Y-Style Tie Rod Setup

NOTE: This PSC Steering Box Kit will not work with any steering box braces.

NOTE:This steering box will not work on Cab/Chassis trucks as they use a different chassis than the pickup trucks.


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Installing PSC steering box
May 25, 2018  |  By Gary Wells
was unable to use the spacers on my dodge, I cut 1/2 in. off of the rod end and this only gave me about 3/8 end to end clearance on the adjusting sleeve. Another problem that I had was the pressure port threads, they were so tight I had to remove the gear to install the hose. I was afraid of stripping it out it was so tight. I tried it in the old gear box and it was not the nut, even the plastic plug was real tight getting out, they should make that one a little looser, the return port was fine. After I installed the unit and filled with oil I turned it back and forth about a dozen times before hooking up the steering linkage. I was still getting a chattering action in the steering wheel, I hook it up the linkage and the chattering movement was still there. It acts like the piston is starving for oil, it makes me wonder if the pressure port hole is to small. I don't notice it driving. Maybe it still has a little air trapped in the system. Time will tell, all in all it seems like a good box, god knows it is big enough

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