Item #: 3949769-SD

We have 11 units with minor blemishes. Deeply discounted just for you. When they're gone, they're gone!

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****We have ended up with 11 blemished Cummins oil pans. It seems every pan we order for the 2003-2009 comes with a small crusty/rusty spot on the inside of the oil pan. We have tried to get new pans without the rust but that seems to be all they have in stock. Maybe someone spilled coffee on the designs and it got incorporated into the production. You never know. So instead of us sending them back and forth to Cummins only to receive another pan with you guessed it, another rust spot. We are going to keep what we have and sell them at a discounted price. This rust is not bad (about the size of a quarter) and it is something we feel you can fix yourself and save some money in the process.****

If your '03-'09 6.7L and 5.9L Dodge Cummins Turbo oil pan has suffered stripped out oil drain plug threads or sustained a big dent, you can fix it with this Cummins replacement oil pan.

This replacement oil pan has an 18MM drain hole. Drain plug is not included.

Replaces Mopar 68043300, 68035413AA, 68038159AA

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