Brake Accessories and Parts
When it's time for new brakes on your Dodge Ram diesel truck you'll be ready with our line of direct replacement OE Mopar brake rotors and pads, as well as Hawk Performance brand heavy-duty and performance brake pad upgrades. We stock most items needed for your brake installation including brake fluid, bleeder kits, ABS brake sensors and brake dust shields. When it comes to brake fluid, we carry DOT 5.1 because of its high boiling point and stable viscosity - and because it has been tested and endorsed as worthy for use on our hard-working trucks by the Dodge Ram diesel truck experts at the Turbo Diesel Register magazine.

The disc brakes on our trucks have to work harder than most and the heavy towing and additional heat can push them hard. We've got you covered to help you keep driving safely and securely with the right brakes for your truck.

If you aren't sure if you need stock or performance brake pads, read this: 'Brakes' Article. (PDF - 1.2mb)