What Our Customers Are Saying

Just wanted to say thank you for the great customer service and parts! I was surprised with everything going on that the parts arrived as fast as they did and super happy that y'all actually send extra parts (AKA or an "o s%#t" bag). Y'all will be the first place I check for future first gen Dodge parts like the fuel heater delete nipple I'm about to order. Thanks again!
~Cody S.
Best place to get Dodge diesel parts! Fast, friendly. I have never had any issues with anything from them. Always get my order fast! Friendly helpful staff.
~Alice B.
Amazing customer service. They called me to verify my address. Shipping was fast. Plus they sent extras! Will DEFINITELY be spending more money with these guys.
~Evan S.
Once again, I am completely satisfied with your service regarding delivery of my latest order. In that order I purchased a Cab Fresh Filter Kit. I was pleasantly surprised to find that you had explained the need for the included stainless steel screws and referenced washing out the filter to achieve longer life instead of purchasing additional filters. Who does that? Thanks again for being my "go to" parts center.
~Dan M.
The part that I ordered arrived a day early and in excellent condition! What a pleasure it is to deal with an American company with American parts. Service was great and the icing on the cake was the nice extras that say-"thanks for doing business with us!" Great job!
~Tom M.
Just want to thank you folks for your professional support and getting your products to me in a timely manner. In this day and age one can only appreciate the way a business conducts itself ... You fellers have my business as long as my 5.9, 24-valve needs attention or any other 2nd Gen/ 3rd Gen jobs I do!
~Scott S.
To the wonderful folks at y'all's (Geno's) Garage, I just want to say thank you! You were the only place I could find an actual Mopar light switch for my truck. Then to receive the magazine, a free sticker, and a tasty treat just made it all that much better. I am going to tell everyone with a Dodge to order what they need from y'all. Thank you again. Y'all are great and I appreciate the care and effort you put into your products.
~Jack H.
To the Geno's team, thank you. Hands down Geno's Garage is the best option for parts! Great customer service that's quick and helpful. Best of all I have always gotten my orders extremely fast and accurate. Good work guys.
~Jake B.
I just wanted to tell you all that I think you have an amazing company. I love shopping with Geno's. You all have seriously done right by me. Your customer service is great, shipping is next level and it's awesome you carry Cummins OEM parts along with very thought out aftermarket alternatives. I own a 96' 2500 with 280k on the ticker and a 13' Ram 2500. They will both continue to receive support from Geno's. Happy Holidays and Thank you!
~Wallace P.
After all these years I finally took the time to read the message that came in the box thanking me for my business and explaining your business philosophy. I recently ordered and received filters for our 2012 ram 3500 dually. The truck is dark red and has been named BART (big ass red truck) by my wife. We have been Cummins powered Dodge trucks owners for almost 20 years, BART is our third truck and if memory serves correctly, I have been doing business with you folks for the same amount of time. I recently had dealings with a local auto parts store that has thankfully brought me back to you folks. I just wanted to say thanks for being the great people you are.
~Skip M.
I received my order for the exhaust clamps, and your latest catalog was included. I read it and was thoroughly pleased to see the wide variety of parts described and logically presented, both for our 3rd Gen ('07 Mega cab 4x4 DRW), and for the 1st Gen truck we support with our business. Your leadership team has done an excellent job of finding the parts needed to keep the trucks moving, and at a reasonable price! Thank you for your dedication and hard work.
~Joe L.
Best place to get Dodge diesel parts! Fast, friendly. I have never had any issues with anything from them. Always get my order fast! Friendly, helpful staff.
~Alice B.
Thank you. I'm glad I learned about your company. The kindness of your team touches my heart and reminds me of my home where I grew up so long ago. I did receive my CCV filter, EGR cleaning kit, and cabin filter. May God Bless You All.
~Bud R.
You guys are awesome! I have made you my "go to" site for parts for my fleet. The water pump arrived before scheduled, and the quality is apparent. Thank you!
~Ja H.
Ordered a replacement dash for my truck on Monday, and got it today, (Friday) got it painted and installed, couldn't be happier. It gave some much needed life to the interior of my 2nd gen ram. Huge thanks to yall's staff there at Geno's. P.s. I love the sticker!!
~Jacob L.
Just want to say that I am really impressed with your product. Opened the box and immediately saw the quality of the tailgate cap which was way better than the OEM product I took off. I had an estimate to fix the dent I was trying to cover up in my upper tailgate and it was $900. Your product covered the dent over perfectly. I had seen some reviews that stated as much and they were 100% accurate. One heck of a deal and a great product. Thanks!!!!!
~Rick B.
Just installed my CB mounting bracket and I must say it was the best money I've ever spent. Now only if I could come up with something for me 5500 Dodge with the center console. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
~Henry S.
Hey guys, I wanted to take a second to first thank you for my prompt delivery. Also thank you for the little sweet surprises that came in my shipment. The packing is second to none. The Tool Instruction/ definition' priceless!! You guys have just made a CUSTOMER FOR LIFE... And I will be sharing my experience with all my Gear Head friends. Thank You Again, Keep Up The Good Work!!!
~Jesus V.
I ordered the the fuel heater plug for my sons '98, 24 valve Cummins. The shipping was super quick, and when the package arrived the extras were such a nice surprise! My husband and son are now going through the catalog making a "wishlist" for the '98 as well as my husband's 2012, 6.7 liter Cummins, that I'll be ordering over the next several months! I can't complain because your prices and customer service are superior to anywhere else!
~Tiffany C.
I wanted to tell you how pleased I am that Geno's sent all of the correct parts quickly. The service is outstanding! I am appreciative that I can read about the quality and price of the Cummins vs. Gates water pumps and write ups on various parts that you sell for the Dodge Cummins trucks. And the surprise trick or treat candy was a nice touch too. I look forward to ordering more parts from Geno's sometime soon.
~Frank B.
I purchased the Ram Ecodiesel Fuel Filter Removal Tool and received it yesterday. I used it today at the Firehouse to change the fuel filter and it made the job a lot easier. The tips in the video on your website made it a little cleaner to do as well. Thank you for a great product. This is the second time I have purchased from your company. The first item was a cabin air filter. You have a great company! Thank you for making a first time diesel owners life a little easier.
~Thomas G.
Thank you Brandon I really appreciate your tech help. Been running around town all day in a panic to find something! You guys have the best customer service by far. Thank you guys again!
~Richard R.
Great service and great parts!
~Logan G.
Thanks Geno's for a great experience! I received my package delivery today with a couple more back ordered items on the way soon. I was thoroughly impressed with the packaging of the order; you can tell great pride is taken in your facility as it's reflected in the care of the product upon shipment. It's nice to work with a business of enthusiasts who are carrying and enjoy to help the customer, a service most would agree is somewhat rare anymore. I appreciate your willingness to help me with tech questions over the phone as well, and get me steered towards the right parts for my application. Great work Geno's.... Customer for life.
~Steve K.
I did some research online for the part I needed for my 1995 Cummins. I price shopped even with Geno's. No body else compared to the customer service and pricing of this company. Keith is who I spoke with and in my opinion he gave me the salesmanship quality we all as customers look for. If I need anything else for my truck that this company sells, I'll go to them without question now. The rear window weather strip seal went on perfectly and no more leaks. One less second gen. to rust out even in Florida.
~Justin M.
I just wanted to say that I was instantly a fan of you guys when my very first order came with Christmas candy. You all know how to make and keep a customer. I'll be ordering from you in the future when I need stuff for my truck.
~Jonathan M.
You guys are great. I just want you to know that. Always on time with shipping. Great prices. Excellent customer service and there's always an awesome little surprise in the package. Absolutely love ordering from you. Thank you very much!
~Seth W.
To the wonderful folks at y'all's garage, I just want to say thank you! You were the only place I could find an actual Mopar light switch for my truck. Then to receive the magazine, a free sticker, and a tasty treat just made it all that much better. I am going to tell everyone with a Dodge to order what they need from y'all. Thank you again. Y'all are great and I appreciate the care and effort you put into your products.
~Jack H.
Alright, now I order a TON of stuff. I'm talking Amazon, Walmart, all the big a$$hat retailers. So I was super stoked to order from a small company and let me tell you something. THAT PACKAGE CAME QUICK AND Y'ALL THREW IN SOME SWAG?!? Gettttt outttttttta here, that's that old school mom and pop vibe I'll always support when I can. Keep killin it out there, clearly a bunch of damn good people working over at Genos. P.S. I had to put that sweet Cummins sticker on my 4 year olds power wheels because she, "wanted her truck to look like dads." What a little bada$$ chick. Y'all stay safe and what a pleasure!
~Seth P.
Genos garage is the best! Every time I order an item it always comes in early, and no other website can beat your prices. Thanks again.
~Fidel Q.
What a great company Genos Garage is to do business with! You folks always treat me right and have very good and dependable products. Your sales techs are the best. I just wish other companies would follow your business model.
~Richard W.
Thank you Robin & EVERYONE at Geno's for ALL that you guys & girls do!!! Along with the super fast shipping, getting the order correct, and awesome customer service, we also loved all the lil' extra treats in our package:) Keep up the great work, we greatly appreciate it!!
~Shaliene M.
Hello and thank you to all of the staff at Geno's Garage! I recently purchased a turbo actuator upgrade kit from you for my 2014 RAM 3500 6.7 L Cummins. When the check engine light came on, I had the dealership diagnose the problem. They also gave me a quote to replace the actuator and do a coolant flush and replace with new coolant: Parts and labor, $6,700.00 CDN. I do as much of my own mechanical work as possible, so I chose to research an alternative option. I read a lot of information about the City Diesel Actuator, and it sounded like it was a great option for me. Not to mention an upgrade from the OEM part. I ordered the part from you on March 24, 2021, received confirmation, but was then told it would be on backorder. In the end, the part was shipped to me exactly when you said it would be, was easy to track, and arrived at my door six weeks after it was ordered, as estimated. I was very happy with the care that was taken in packaging for shipping. While awaiting the delivery I watched the installation video from David the Motor City Mechanic (very helpful). My installation went smoothly and easily and the part performs flawlessly. So to sum things up, even after duties, additional taxes, shipping and exchange, I was able to save over $5,200.00 CDN. I also had the satisfaction of knowing the job was done properly without being rushed through at a shop for the purpose of making as much money as possible off a customer. Thank you again for the help, the great product, and for your exceptional service.
~Ken C., Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Holy cow, those wrenches are amazing! Literally took 10mins to swap a fan clutch! Amazing work, I've done a clutch without these tools and it took hours, with plenty of busted knuckles. I will for sure be recommending those wrenches to everyone I know with a Cummins.
~Alonzo T.
I have ordered a few times from Geno's Garage and this time being around Christmas they included a few things extra in the box. Things such as a tree ornament, some chocolates, a magazine and some stickers. I found that to be genuine customer care. other orders that I have done they have been more than happy to help me over the phone to find correct parts or recommend alternative parts even if it was cheaper but would do the same thing. I have told my Motorhead friends about these guys and I know I will have future orders without even thinking about where to shop. thank you Geno's Garage for being above and beyond!
~Mark L.
As a new customer just want to let you know that I and my grandson (who is dong the mechanicing) are very happy with both the service and the product that was delivered to us. Thanks also for the sunglasses. They come in handy out here in Arizona.
~Greg B.
Thanks Geno's, my orders arrive quick and correct. Thanks to all the staff for their work ethic and thoughtfulness. The Halloween candy in the package for my October order was a thoughtful idea.
~Curt S.
Dear Geno's, We are totally grateful to you folks. Our 2000 Dodge 2500 Diesel suddenly would not start, showing no pressure from the FASS pump. We purchased a replacement Fuel Overflow Valve kit from you on Thursday, with overnight delivery yesterday. You made my day when I open up the box and not only found the Overflow valve, but true copper gaskets! My wife installed the Overflow Valve this morning. But then, we still did not have pressure! So back to the Geno's site, and the FASS pump FAQ, and we figured out we likely have an air blockage. We cracked the fuel filter, bump started the pump, and the pressure came right up! Stumpy the Truck is running far better then we have heard him run in a long, long time. At 376,000 miles, he sounds like a new truck. Advise to others: replace the damn Overflow Valve on the VP44 every 100K miles--it is simple, fast, and it is the law! Couldn't have done it with you guys! So a huge thanks!
~ Pete & Kathy
Best place I've found for Cummins Ram stuff. Parts are carefully selected and shipped fast by fellow Cummins Ram enthusiasts.
~Tony R.
It's not often price and service exceeds ones expectations. Geno's Garage continues to do that every time. Great pricing and GREAT customer service!
~Anthony C.
Good service can be hard to come by these days. Thank you guys for finding just what I needed and for the instructions and prompt response. I'll be sure to visit Geno's again in the future.
~Eric H.
Thanks for the nice fitting dash board!! You guys rock!
~Martin C.
I've been purchasing parts for my trucks from Geno's Garage since 2002. Great service, honest and friendly!
~Thom P.
I've ordered from Geno's several times and each time they provide fast shipping and excellent customer service! They answer questions quickly and always exceed expectations! Thank you Geno's!!!
~Jose B.
Bought a new redesigned driver's cushion for my '03 and wow what a difference. The other replacement lasted about a year and I put up with it for another. Replaced with the new and 800 mile trip to NC on vacation and no problems with comfort. Now if we could just get one for the passengers side that would be great.
~Larry H.
Thank you Geno's Garage for saving me about $168 in OEM Cummins parts. The dealership honestly wanted twice what you were selling the same Cummins OEM water pump for. I have ordered other items from you as well. You will be the first company I seek parts from in the future. I just wanted to make sure you know that the professional service, tracking numbers, follow up emails, same day or next day shipping and fair pricing are recognized and appreciated.
~Steve H.
Thank you to all of you for such great customer service. I received gauges to install on my dad's '99 2500 24V, and I had a little experience just one time prior with my 97 2500 12V, and I thought it would be a breeze. I had everything almost done and had an accident with the Pyro thermal coupler, the steel braid hit the positive battery post and after that it didn't work correctly. Brandon took care of me very well and fixed the issue. Thank you all very much.
~Rick T.
I recently ordered a silver Cummins shifter knob. was excited as all get out. It came in the mail today. I opened it up and was in shock it looked nothing like the picture. It was amazing. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is such a high quality piece definitely getting more of my business!!
~Kaleb M.
Just a thank you note to say that you guys provide quality products for old people like me working on old trucks
~Phil C.
Just wanted to thank you all at Geno's for your help. Just installed the Geno's replacement cushion in my gen 2 pick up. WOW! The seat is better than new! Great product! You guys rock!!
~David M.
Great guys to deal with, they always have the right parts in stock when I need them! Highly recommend.
~Tommy H.
This. THIS is how you run a company!!! Not that I ever would have expected anything and would have never known, but THEY did the right thing! "Notes from merchant: Refunding $25 back to customer. Discounted splash guards further today and felt customer should receive the additional discount. Thank you for your business."
~Huey S.
Great prices and availability!!! Quality OEM parts! And the cup holder for my '97 Dodge-- life changing. :0)
~Eloy A.
Just wanted to say thank you for providing a great replacement seat cushion for my 05 Dodge. I made my drivers seat great again!
~Brad A.
They have everything I need for my customers with Dodge trucks/Cummins engines and sell Fleetguard parts that are pretty tricky to find. Great service and fast shipping. I enjoy the extra goodies they ship too.
~Tam E.
I've ordered parts through Geno's for my '05 Dodge/Cummins, and I've always been impressed with their parts inventory, service, and their prices. I'm a lifetime customer for sure after my experience with them.
~Travis P.
Received my eco diesel fuel filter, fuel filter wrench and functional brass drain plug today. Works perfectly. They also included a sticker, catalog and MICROWAVE POPCORN! Very funny and nice touch!
~Patrick H.
I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed we are with your company. We have placed and received two orders from your company now. The shipping time is wonderful and so are the parts. We will definitely order from you again. A very pleased customer and 1997 Dodge 2500 owner,
~Misty P.
Just wanted to thank you for your courtesy and the way that you conduct your business. It is so nice to find good people who care about getting it right for their customers. We got that threaded nipple today and it worked perfectly. Our customer was very happy that his truck ran so well. Thank you again, and don't stop doing what you guys are doing. GREAT SERVICE AND COMMUNICATION.
~Brian E.
I would like to personally say a big THANK YOU! For not only a fast delivery but for all the little extras you included in the box. I was stunned! Nobody does that anymore and it really was a great surprise! It says a lot about your company and the people within. I am impressed. I am a retired Marine and I can guarantee you that it is the little things that count. You took that little bit extra time and now have a customer for life. I will be recommending people I know to get what they need from Geno's. Wish I could work for a company like yours, too bad you aren't in Idaho! My sincerest thanks!
~Jerry H.
Purchased a seat cushion for my '06, fast shipping and great product. I was surprised on how much better the overall design of the foam was. Great prices from what I've seen and will definitely be doing business in the future. Thank you for the calendar, sucker and sticker too. Very neat not many companies do that.
~Brandon M.
Received an order from you folks, which was perfect. My "oh, I get it" light came on when to my delight a pair of sunglasses (along with some other cool freebies) emerged from the box you delivered. So I'm sittin' there pleased with my very good fortunes, when I happen to glace down at the cover of Geno's Summer 2014 Catalog #85-- and looking back at me are nine sets of those glasses. You mad a 'ol phart grin, and that doesn't happen very often anymore. Thank you!
~Jeff L.
Just a note to say that I really enjoy doing business with you folks! I placed another order today and it was handled very professionally. You have good products at fair prices, great people, and you do what you say you will do. What a refreshing concept in todays internet world! Keep up the good work. I tell all my Cummins friends about you folks. Thanks!
~Richard W.
Everything we have ordered has been top quality and spot on. Never had a issue with anything. Geno's is our go to place to keep our Rams on the road.
~Daryl S.
I would also like to say that luck has nothing to do with your success. Your team has an exceptional reputation (that's tough to do with the rise of the Internet, ha-ha) and how you handled my unique situation is exactly why. Thank you all so much!
~Kyle L.
I just wanted to say thanks and show my appreciation for the Geno's Garage Staff. I recently ordered a few items to clean my EGR system as well as fuel filter, oil filter etc to conduct routine maintenance on my 2012 6.7 Cummins and they all were delivered to my front door sooner than I expected (which was a nice surprise). Because of the ease your site has provided, I have been able to eliminate those dreaded trips to the "Stealership" to get maintenance done or buy parts. My wife thinks I'm a nerd for getting excited about receiving a Geno's package in the mail haha. Thanks again! Keep up the good work!
~Adam E.
I just wanted to take a moment and say that I was really impressed with the level of customer service I got from Geno's Garage. My order arrived without incident and I have not had to contact anyone about anything as I already knew what I needed and you had exactly it. But what I really liked was the included documentation that came with my order. Everything is very well laid out, easy to understand, very informative and very professional looking. Obviously you all put a lot of time and effort into thinking one step ahead to not only produce the information but also look at the pick list for the order and add in anything you think I may find helpful. Most retailers would simply box the parts and send it out-- which is fine... but then again, I don't feel compelled to write them and thank them afterwards either. Simply put- thank you and you are all doing a great job!
~Brandon B.
Excellent support for the 1st generation Cummins! Always a good experience when ordering and thanks for the popcorn! Haha
~Jared M.
Just got around to installing the new a-pillar handles and reinforcing bushings on my '03 2500 RAM. The old handles were beyond repair, so I installed the new handles with your kit so it will never fail again. Thanks for the great product. I think of "Geno's" whenever I climb in to my truck.
~Paul B.
They had exactly what I was looking for and for a great price. Order came quickly and even had little candies in the box as part of thank you for ordering.
~Jake D.
I just got my cup holder for my 2nd gen, and it fits great and works great could not have asked for anything better! I'll be a customer for life with you guys, great customer service, good prices, and fast shipping couldn't have asked for anything else. And I appreciate all the stickers for the tool boxes, most company's you ask for some stickers they give you one little one but I was shocked when I opened your box!! You guys are the best thanks again!!!
~Hunter W.
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Scott. I got my gauge today and it works flawlessly. I've had my truck for 10 years and have bought from many places, and your customer service has been the best thus far by a long shot. Keep up the great work....it's almost impossible to find company's like you guys.
~Jonny T.
These guys are absolutely the most professional, courteous and knowledgeable people in their field. Like their ad says, they are enthusiasts, not salesmen. The existence of Geno's Garage is reason enough to buy a Cummins.
~Rachael B.
Would just like to say how impressed I am with your service, always professional, and courteous. The speed of delivery is also excellent, looking forward to a continuing business relationship, thank you!
~Chris C.
Got my Cummins oil filter plug today. Fantastic service, fine product, great price, and shipping. Three days from Georgia! It takes 5 days (3 day priority) out of Cali. Great job!
~Dennis S.
Good prices and quick delivery. Shopped around for my parts and compared prices Geno's had them all beat.
~C.M. M.
Thank you for digging into my question for me. It is greatly appreciated! Once again Geno's has come to the rescue! This is one of the reasons why I like dealing with you guys! I have placed the order for the lock actuator and an oil filter. Great parts at great prices and awesome customer service!!!
~Jason H.
Ordered my first of many orders from them last week. Great prices and fast shipping! Also supplied tips on installing the new part! Probably the best place I've dealt with by far.
~Gary P.
Beyond fantastic! Ordered a cabin air filter kit for my 2016 Ram. Was emailed that the item was back ordered but still got it within two days after that. They hooked it up... glasses, stickers, calendars, flyers, detailed instructions AND warranty and return paperwork. I'm absolutely thrilled!
~Jeff N.
I love opening a package from Geno's Garage. Never know what kind of goodies they are going to send with your order! Thanks, Geno's!
~Shawn M.
Every time I order Cummins parts from Geno's, I not only get great customer service but also the best price. Thanks!
~Salvador G.
Thank you guys! Love doing business with you guys! Love the site and how you back all of your products. Please don't ever change I always know when I order from you guys I'm buying parts at the best possible price.
~Robbie E.
Honestly... I love how active y'all are on social media. It's an art that is missed heavily by so many businesses. I love being able to interact with the people that I do business with and that'll only drive more sales your way... especially as my truck starts needing new stuff!
~Daniel B.
If you own a Cummins diesel then this is THE place to order parts for your rig. They have competitive prices, but most of all their customer service is top notch. I look forward to using them for all my rig needs. Keep up the great work y'all!
~T.J. J.
Customer service the old fashioned way. Looking forward to doing business with you again!
~Gary L.
The people at Geno's Garage are seriously helpful and very competent. Fast service, good products and a truly fantastic paper catalog of Dodge Ram parts. Lots of engine parts, service manuals and specialty tools and with very reasonable prices.
~John R.
All parts are spot on and prompt shipping. A great experience every time.
~Christopher G.
You guys are a class act, and I appreciate having you as a supplier of parts for my truck.
~Jim N.
Good prices, have pretty much whatever you need, quality parts, and sent me a free Cummins sticker and a bumper sticker. Awesome people to deal with.
~Cody J.
Fast shipping, great prices, hard to find items, and neat little freebies. What's not to like? Have placed several orders here, and they all exceeded expectations. I had a question about one of their items and received an email back that completely answered everything same day.
~Michael C.
Great customer service! I mistakenly ordered the wrong part, called them and had everything taken care of over the phone within 5 minutes. Great OEM replacement parts at a great price!
~Cameron M.
Fantastic people with great products. Always willing and able to help. Love these guys!
~Rob. T.
Thanks for the parts! And sticker and Christmas treats! I love the catalog. Just like a Sears and Roebuck Christmas edition..... for Dodges! Merry Christmas y'all!!!
~Mark S.
Will for sure order parts from this place again. Even with cross country shipping it was here in reasonable time!
~Shannon V.
Thanks to the folks at Geno's for getting me parts, specifically a dipstick, even with shipping and the exchange rate cheaper than buying it in Canada. And thanks for the free sticker!
~Michael W.
I had some questions about parts for my Dodge. Between Robin and Brandon they got me the answers I needed! This is where I will get my parts from now on! Keep up the great work!
~Shawn S.
Geno's is the best. Every time I open my packages there's always something extra in there- sunglasses, popcorn, or other sweet items. Customer service is great and you just can't beat their prices. I gladly keep doing business with Geno's.
~Curtis A.
So after searching all the local parts stores and truck parts stores in a 50 mi. radius, I finally called Geno's after seeing they have the filter I need for my Fass 95 online. Great customer service, great prices. My order came on time with a free bumper sticker and hand warmers. They even threw in a free adapter to run the new style filters. Thanks, Geno's! You saved the day, got my baby running right, and you have a new customer for my Ram parts.
~Anthony C.
I wanted to make you aware of my satisfaction with your company. This day and age it seems customer service is on the verge of extinction. In my experience, this is not the case with your company. All of my phone calls and questions have been met with friendly informative associates. Ordering is painless and shipping is always prompt. Thank you for providing quality parts, quality service, and painless business transactions.
~Steven W.
I love ordering stuff from you guys. When I place my order, it is sitting at my door exactly 5 days later every single time. If there is a problem with the order, you ask us to call. When I've called, someone answered right away. I am very happy with the high quality service you provide and will gladly be doing business with you and I will keep referring people to you.
~Mike S.
I received my order and I am very pleased with it! I have ordered from this company several times and I must say I think it's awesome that there's always a few freebies. Thank you for the continuous great service and quality parts!
~Anthony M.
My husband orders from y'all often and he's always excited to get his package. Apart from saving over half on a part advanced auto wanted $60 for, he also got goodies for me and our girls and some really cool stickers! Thank y'all for the savings, fast shipping, and great products!
~Taylor W.
I had a part break on my truck, so I called customer service and told them what happened. They were very friendly and helpful. I received all the pieces to fix my truck within two days of the phone call. I definitely recommend buying their products because of their great customer service and the fact that they were so fast to respond and get me what I needed to fix my truck.
~John A.
I just wanted to let you know that I have received my order, the oil dipstick for my '98 Cummins 24V. I very much appreciate your quick and efficient processing and shipping of this part, which was not available in stock at any Dodge or Cummins dealership closer to me than Long Beach, California, 400 miles away. Your pricing on this part was excellent too: at $34 (including UPS shipping), your price is $20 less than the Elk Grove Dodge or the Cummins shop in West Sacramento was going to charge me, and you threw in a nice calendar, the Cummins sticker, and even a cool pair of shades. All of us that are still driving these 1998-2001 24V ISB trucks are glad to see that shops like yours are still carrying parts. My truck will turn 20 next year, and it has been getting harder and harder to find OEM parts for it. I look forward to doing business with you again.
~Laura-Ann C.
My husband ordered a transmission cooler for our '99 Dodge Ram. The order came so quickly (to Vancouver Island, Canada) and there were cool decals and even Jelly Bellies and Hot Tamales in the box. I love that!!! It really gives a personal touch and makes you feel like a valued customer (even if it is just candy and decals hahahaha). We will 100% be ordering more parts from Geno's! Great prices and even better customer appreciation.
~Chelsea C.
Beyond happy on the seat cushion I got for my '01 Ram, even though it was for the 94-97, I was able to modify it to fit perfectly!!! Material is fantastic and fast shipping! Thank you.
~Eric B.
Just wanted to wish everyone at Geno's a Merry Christmas 🎄 and a Happy New Year 🎉 - thank you for all the outstanding customer service and speedy delivery of parts for my Cummins trucks. Keep up the excellent work - take care and God bless!
~Ralf K.
I have to provide kudos to your team for a quick delivery that beat the scheduled delivery date. Thank you for your excellent customer service and support.
~Dean D.
Love buying parts and supplies for my Cummins right here at Geno's! FAST shipping! Great service, great folks, and not to mention it's like opening a box of Cracker Jacks every time I get my package! They are always putting a little surprise of some sort in there!
~Dusty C.
Awesome products and always shipped on time and have never had an issue with anything they have sold me. I will always use Geno's when I need anything. Absolutely will not be going to anyone else if I can help it. Keep up the good work!
~M.J. H.
Thanks for the fast shipping and free decal!
~Tyler L.
Thank you for your swift delivery and prompt customer service. Everything arrived in excellent condition. I am happy!
~Daniel K.
Ordered a fuel heater block off plug and a shirt. The plug was a tight fit and fixed my leak. Order came in 2 days with a decal, calendar and parts book. I will definitely be ordering more parts from you guys soon!
~Kyle K.
Would not hesitate to order from Geno's. Great group, got my order to me in under a week (Christmas week) and my truck is back up and running for the holiday.
~Mark M.
Sent my parts in 2 days. Even gave me an extra relay and Christmas candy.
~Kenneth G.
Great selection of Cummins parts at good prices. Very fast shipping times. I am a first time customer and I will definitely be ordering again from Geno's!
~Scott N.
Great service, ordered what I needed, arrived as expected. A+ company!!!
~Ryan S.
Haven't let me down yet. Great website full of info, parts, tools and always a little free doodad in the box. Thanks, Geno's!
~David H.
Thanks, Tina for helping with the shipping issue with my heater cord. Awesome people to deal with. More to come...
~Terry R.
I looked high and low for a new dipstick for my '96 and tripped across your company online. The price was right on, was a perfect match, and I love your catalog. Thanks also for the free stickers.
I placed a small order for parts and I got my parts and a wide array of free literature and popcorn. Shipping was quick and hassle free. I will buy from them again.
~Blake K.
Best customer service ever. I live in CA and would rather order from Geno's and pay shipping and wait than to get the terrible service from the dealership. Keep up the good work!
~Mike W.
Ordered the center console cup holder for my '96 Ram. Customer service was awesome... called to make sure I was okay with the shipping costs and was told if they could ship it cheaper they would (and they did). Shipping was fast and loved the sticker and popcorn along with the catalog in my order as well. Will definitely use Geno's again!
~Mike G.
Awesome service here. I was not expecting a bag of popcorn, a couple free decals and informational installation instructions for one of the parts I received, plus it came with new bolts! I have never gotten anything like this from an order. Very glad I got more than I paid for! Shipping was very fast too. I wish more companies would do things like this for their customers. Thank you!
~Mat H.
I looked all over Las Vegas for a 17mm Allen Wrench. Couldn't find it anywhere. I ordered it from Geno's Garage. Not only did they send me the part I ordered, they also sent me a calendar, Cummins bumper sticker and a catalog to browse through. I feel like a kid at Christmas! Thanks Geno's!
~Maria W.
Man I couldn't say enough about the quality of the product I bought from Geno's Garage. I ordered sway bar end links for my Cummins yesterday and they were on my front porch this morning and I picked standard shipping and I didn't even pay for upgraded shipping.
~Chris M.
Thank you for selling the seat cushion for my 1997 Dodge diesel. I took the truck to an upholster to have the seat fixed. Well, needless to say I spent 500 bucks and the same seat back. I didn't know how easy it would be for me to repair the seat myself!!!
~Lance I.
Great people and the cheapest parts for your Cummins. Will go back any time to get parts. Thanks, John and Wendy.
~Josh M.
These guys have the best customer service and support I have ever seen in a business. Stand behind their products 100%!!! Will always get my business and thank you for your help!
~Blake D.
Great folks to deal with. Brandon is great to deal with. Very professional and he has a sense of humor as well.
~Todd L.
These folks are really outstanding people. Just let me say, if you're looking for a set of reman injections, this is the place to go.
~Michael E.
You guys are the best out there! Keep up the awesome work!
~Hank R.
Great customer service, easy to use website, fair prices, and the occasional free stuff with my order is great too! My favorite place to order parts for my 1990 D250 Cummins.
~Jade T.
I have used Geno's multiple times now. Every time I enjoy the fast and courteous service along with great prices on the best items for my Cummins powered trucks!
~Chad H.
Stopped in this a.m. for some goodies! What an awesome place just for awesome trucks! They have another new customer!
~John W.
My order didn't arrive Friday like I expected and I was a little bit worried. But it came today and now I'm happy. Just wanted to share a few thoughts with you: (1) It was the right item! Getting it right the first time means a lot to me. (2) You used ecologically sound packing, the paper instead of some of that plastic stuff. Even old fart pickup truck drivers like me can sometimes be ecologically minded. (3) There was candy in the box!!! You can't imagine how much that pleased the 10-year-old trapped inside the 64-year-old body. (4) The bumper sticker. I usually don't provide free advertising for anybody. That is, all my T-shirts are plain white. However, I do plan on putting your sticker on my truck.
~Matt J.
Received my order on Monday. Everything as ordered. Thank you all for the prompt and courteous transaction of my order. A job well done, people!!! Will continue doing business as needed and will surely pass your name around.
~Dick E.
Recently ordered some Cummins floor mats for my truck. They look great and were literally at my front door the next day after shipping! Geno's and Amazon, it's a tough competition right now! Thank you!
~Angie F.
Place does very exceptional business. They offer parts for dodge diesels that they believe in. I've spent lots of money here and got quality, reasonably-priced parts in a short amount of time. Dealing with them over the phone is also a pleasure. They always aim to please. I also enjoy the free bumper sticker and Cummins sticker. "Make your truck great again!" -Ha!
~Jesse H.
They have the hard to find parts for my first gen. Dodge and regular maintenance parts at a reasonable price. They've saved me many a trip to the junk yard!
~Brad G.
The seat cushion for my '99 truck was a great purchase. Glad you guys carry it. My truck is actually tolerable to drive again. Thank you again. Your site is a great tool to have.
~Thomas J.
I've ordered multiple items from Geno's and will continue to do so! Every time I'm completely satisfied with their awesome service! Ordered a BD noise isolator for my truck Friday morning, and it was here Saturday afternoon! Installed and completely fixed my torque converter lock/unlock problems! Thanks a lot guys and gals! Y'all are truly a pleasure to buy from!
~Hunter R.
Geno's Garage is the reason my truck is on the road. No one else had this part. Geno's did! Ordered it on a Friday at 9 p.m., got it Tuesday morning. Mind you, this was Christmas weekend. Excellent customer service. Prompt responses. Very happy (and now loyal) customer. Will be recommending Geno's Garage to all my Dodge-addict friends. (Let's be real, they're the only friends worth having anyway)! Will be spending my hard earned money here again! Especially with their great prices! P.S. - Thanks for the free calendar!
~Mary H.
Thanks for the awesome customer service and fast shipping every. Every time I've bought from you, I was always a satisfied customer, and my girlfriend really likes the popcorn you sent! Thanks again!
~Matt W.
Thanks so much for going above and beyond to save my truck! You guys are awesome!
~Melissa P.
Ordered a fuel shutoff solenoid and block heater from these guys a while back. Customer service was amazing. Had my parts overnight. Will definitely do business with them again.
~Austin H.
I was extremely happy to find the block heater cord for less than 1/3 of the price the dealership wanted for it. Happier when it came in 2 business days and to top it off even though I now am in Kansas you are based in Georgia. Not my home town but close enough.
~Richard O.
Ordered twice from them, very fast shipping and great customer service.
~Jacob P.
If you own a MOPAR they have what you need and the customer service is outstanding!
~Ken R.
Great quality parts! They get it shipped out very quickly! Customer service is great also!
~Suede F.
Your parts and service were flawless, and the cabin air filter kit fit exactly as described in the instructions!
~Martin R.
Thank you for the order being filled in a timely fashion. That's the biggest reason I keep coming back to Geno's Garage!
~Jason P.
Geno's Garage is one of those companies! Whenever I step inside their place of business... I feel at home. I don't get that everywhere. They are as passionate about the brand as I am. It's always cool of Geno's Garage to put together kits like the EGR cleaning kit so you can get everything you need at one time. Not many companies go that distance to help the customer. It goes to show that they believe in what they do.
~MotorCity Mechanic (David P.)
Thank you for the emails with instruction tips and diagrams to help me get my vitals monitored again. You guys rock! Talk about customer service: I purchased my original gauges and a 3-pod A-pillar mount from Geno's shortly after I purchased my '99 Ram in 2001. Over the years I've changed to high boost/EGT combo and went from a 0-15# psi to the 0-30# gauge. Of course, the units were all purchased from Geno's. And here I am asking for help 15 years later, voila you guys give it. Geno's staff are the epitome of customer service!
~Joe M.
I had a great experience with Geno's Garage. I will definitely be a reoccurring customer. I wanted to give a shout out to one of your customer service guys, Brandon. He is AMAZING and went above and beyond. He is a true asset to your staff. You guys are great!
~Kyle M.
Thank you for the wonderful service. I just ordered new gauges and filters expecting to get them after Thanksgiving, but to my great surprise the order arrived Wednesday. This is the kind of service that keeps me coming back.
~Kevin D.
Awesome service! Fast shipping, great people to work with! Couldn't ask for more!
~Jessie K.
All the parts I get from you guys are excellent. Keep up the good work.
~Justin C.
Your selection and prices are great. Even more important to me though is your customer service, everyone I've ever spoken with has been very friendly and knowledgeable. Customer service is most important to me, and y'all are top notch!
~Tom H.
Just wanted to say thanks for the GREAT SERVICE. I am a first-time buyer, and I can say it was a pleasure doing business with you folks... a No. 1 company!!!
~Don E.
Great place. I order all my parts from here. I recommend them to any Cummins owner if you want quality parts.
~Deric B.
Thanks for the fuel shutoff solenoid and relay. Got my high quality unit back to where it was. I'll be buying from you again.
~Paulie M.
I have an '06 and a '14 Cummins and have been ordering parts here for about 2 years. Everything I need I always check for here first. It's also fast shipping.
~Josh B.
I recommend Geno's Garage to everyone I know with a Dodge truck. Your contact information really should be on the first page of the owner's manual that Dodge gives to new owners.
~Eric J.
Geno's has the best support and great products!
~Tony T.
First time changing fuel filter with new cap!!! Man what a difference!!! Easy peasy!
~Lee L.
Placed an order this morning, not our first, and when I was done, it occurred to me what a good experience it was. We have 5 Dodges and have ordered lots of update parts. When I call on your company, I talk to someone who knows what they have to offer, take information, and get the deal done. They don't try to sell me something I'm not interested in or something they had laying around too long and need to get rid of, nor do they waste my time. You are a class outfit and are always my first choice when looking for a part. Thanks!
~Randy W.
I read the about us story on the Geno's Garage page. Great story! I'll be doing all my shop and motor business through your company from now on. Great website and great selection of parts for these old clattery Cummins Dodge trucks.
~Mike R.
Thank you very much. I was surprised that you guys sent a second package (after UPS lost mine rather than waiting on UPS to find it) and you refunded my overnight shipping charge. So that made me a loyal customer to you. If I ever need anything for my truck again, I know where I'm buying it from. Customer service is lost in America today. You guys should be proud of yourselves! Thanks again!
~Chris P.
Thanks for my parts. Got here in 2 days. You guys rock. They are installed. 'Ol dodge lives on and sounds good so far! Thank you Geno's for making my cummins good again! Geno's customer for life!
~Mike P. (happy dude)
Friendly, intelligent customer service reps. I always get what I need, on time and at a great price. Also, it's a nice bonus to get the freebies they throw in too! Thanks!!!
~Ken I.
I just made another purchase from Geno's Garage. I needed help choosing the best headlight assembly for my truck. Scott (again) was very helpful with his personal knowledge on the subject. Kudos to Scott!
~Steve P.
Spectacular to deal with. I will definitely be shopping here again. Thanks.
~Sean T.
Great service. Quality products and pricing. Thanks for making my truck great again.
~Tim C.
Great products and service. Would recommend to anyone.
~Matt L.
We just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your speedy service.
~Gentry Automotive
Got the FCA I needed super fast at a fair price. Even came with detailed instructions with torque specs and replacement hardware! What really impressed me was the free stickers, popcorn, and catalog. You guys are now my #1 go to for truck parts.
~George S.
You guys rock all things Cummins. Great prices and superman fast delivery! Thanks to the crew!
~Mike P.
I was unsure going through your company because I hadn't heard of it before until I was referred to you by some guys from a 3rd gen Dodge group on a forum that said to buy from you guys. I like the sway bar end links so far and I'll get this adjustable track bar installed. The truck seems to be driving good with my 2.5" coil spacer leveling with the sway bar end link and Bilstein shocks. Can't wait to get the sway bar end link and alignment done. I will be purchasing more from you guys in the future. Just I'm a bit broke for now haha.
~Jacob E.
After a lot of searching and many parts ordered wrong, I found Geno's had a sending unit for my '98. Besides the dealer this was the first site that acknowledged the fact that there was a retro-fit kit from the dealer that changed everything. Took a chance and was extremely pleased. Next day air was extremely cheap!!! Along with my order I received a free Cummins logo window sticker, a Geno's Garage "Make your truck great again" bumper sticker, and a catalog. Wish I had found them sooner! TELL YOUR FRIENDS!
~Peder T.
I had a V clamp break that connects the turbine outlet of the turbo to the cast elbow that leads to the downpipe. After ordering two clamps from another company (with a very vague part description and wasn't quite sure which of the two clamps they carried was the one I needed when I called) and then being told the next day that one of the clamps was actually not in stock and would take weeks to go from their warehouse to them and then to me... so I emailed Geno's. Scott at Geno's replied with a link to the correct part and a confirmation that it was in stock. Their online description was spot-on and detailed and they actually had a picture of it (which should REALLY be the only way you sell something online. I ordered it online with the fastest possible shipping and received it before 10 a.m. the next morning. It was the authentic Cummins part and even had a new nut packaged with it that apparently typically comes as a separate part.
~Jack S.
Thanks Geno's! You guys kill it with your packages! Thanks a lot!
~Jesse K.
Very fast parts delivery! Gonna be giving my '96 a face lift, definitely gonna use you guys for my parts.
~Roger G.
Thank you! My order with the catalog, popcorn, and decals! Great company! It's like Christmas!
~George S.
Finally got the time to attempt my repair. I dug through the box of parts from Geno's, and WOW, you guys included a nice sheet of critical steering pump information that was not part of the Gould kit I bought. Thank you for the outstanding attention to detail and care. True customer service, which is unbelievably rare these days. I'll be purchasing more stuff from Geno's Garage going forward.
~Tom S.
Thank you so much for the help from your team! Thank you for outstanding parts and amazing customer service. I am a customer for life!
~Hunter R.
Ordered the cup holder for my '95 2500. Works amazing. Best thing purchased so far. Great service got it to me quick. Will shop here again. Highly recommended.
~Robert L.
We enjoyed our visit to Geno's last Friday tremendously, and thank you to all the members of your staff, for your attention and courtesies during our visit specifically, and throughout the many years you have helped us. We have enjoyed your wide availability of parts to maintain and repair our Dodge Ram Turbo Diesel pickups. Your guidance has proved invaluable in maintaining these superb vehicles in great running order. I want to especially thank you for the many times I had to ask you for advice with the various issues that have come up with my truck, and for your prompt service and attention to detail in making sure the parts we need are delivered promptly when we needed. Your help has been invaluable in keeping my truck running and in great shape all of these years. I was quite impressed with the operation and the efficiency and attention to detail by your staff. It's great to know that in America today we can still find business that employ such good personnel and who provide the customer service that is seldom found in today's day and age. Keep up the good work!
~Javier G..
Thank you for providing quality parts, quality service and painless business transactions!
~Steven W.
I just want to say thank you for the v-clamp for the truck and for the little goodies that came in the package! My son loves the glasses, and I'm sure I'll be ordering more parts from the magazine you guys included. This product is great! I recommend it highly.
~H. McCloskey
The staff are very friendly and helpful. They have a good selection of parts and accessories at reasonable prices. They are always the first place I look when I need or want something for my truck.
~Thomas H.
Place is excellent will be ordering from here a lot! Parts got here quicker than expected.
~Jake V.
You cannot beat the prices and customer service that Geno's provides! I will be spending a lot more money with you guys!
~Sean S.
The items I purchased were good prices. I had no trouble purchasing them through checkout. Shipping and packaging were great.
~Richard M.
You guys and gals are awesome! I'll keep buying my EcoDiesel parts and filters from you.
~Todd D.
Awesome customer service!!! Great selection, great quality, and very reasonably priced!! Thank you so much!
~Jessica M.
Best place for parts and help. Great staff and fast shipping.
~Ernest E.
Wide variety of the perfect parts you need for your diesel truck.
~Steve H.
My first order was at my door step only 2 days later, with a few neat little freebies in the box! I will use Geno's for all my future Cummins needs.
~Tjay P.
Always have what I need. Great resource for Cummins.
~Andrew R.
Fast shipping. Received everything in good condition and as described. Very happy with my order.
~John B.
The best prices and people that will steer you in the right direction.
~Josh P.
Thanks, I'll surely be a returning customer. It really shows what kind of business you have by the cover on your catalog, to the commitment to not only your clientele but also the products you sell! But the best was the free decal, and more so the popcorn. :0)
~Tony H.
I know that if I ever have a problem, while rare, I know that Geno's will address it quickly. Geno's is a vendor with high standards for both their products and for their customer service.
~Steve W.
Bought quite a few parts from Geno's and have never had a problem. Fast shipping and good prices!
~Jake M.
First order just came in, very impressed! I will definitely be ordering more parts!
~Morgan F.
Very knowledgeable and helpful staff and service!!!
~Tim M.
Great place to buy parts for your Dodge Cummins. Great customer service.
~Shawn C.
Y'all do a great job and fast shipping and have way better prices on items then just about anywhere. Will continue to give you my business as long as I own a Cummins. Thanks for the free stickers with my last order.
~Christian G.
Great service and fast with a bonus gift package was a nice surprise! Great staff, pleasure to work with. That's why I've come back many times.
~Steve P.
Ran out of popcorn in the house. My daughter wanted popcorn and all I had was Geno's popcorn I got with my shipment. Best popcorn in the world! Kid approved!
~Wesley J.
Just got our T-shirts in the mail. They are fantastic. And once again, my husband goes through the catalog you included. I am sure I will be calling you guys again! He will want more toys for his Cummins! Thanks again!!!
~Emily G.
Once again, I wish to thank you for your help in solving my problem with the gauge issue. Geno's is a great company, but without individuals such as Brandon supporting it, it is just another supplier.
~Stephen W.
Geno's Garage is very helpful!!! Scott and Andy always answer my questions and throw in extra goodies to keep you coming back, plus low prices!
~Ryan O.
Thank you for the 25th Anniversary Badges....great people to deal with.
~Ray G.
Excellent prices and fast shipping. Will order more in the future.
~Randee G.
So I made a small order with Geno's Garage, everything got here promptly but the free Cummins sticker had peeled itself off and stuck to the paper inside. I just happened to mention it in a post but by no means a complaint. Well the folks at Geno's saw my reply and immediately sent another sticker to make good on their gift. That showed some real class. Thank you guys, we will be doing business in the future.
~Bill W.
Everything I ordered arrived in perfect condition.
~Gerald F.
Super fast shipping!!! Plus bonus goodies! I can't complain at all!
~Travis W.
Thank you! Our Cummins Ram is running better than ever. The studs that come with the lift pump are awesome. Much easier than trying to align with the original bolts. I'm pretty sure i replaced the original 25 year old one and the new one will last another 25.
~Adam L.
Thank you guys for the great products and service you offer. I recently purchased a steering gear box stabilizer, sway bar end links, and a center console cup holder from you guys and I am very pleased with everything. I was also pleasantly surprised to find a complete catalog and a 6" Cummins sticker in my order! Thank you guys so much! I will certainly be ordering from you in the future and will be recommending you to everyone I know!
~Cacy C.
I bought stuff to change my fuel filter on my EcoDiesel. Everything worked great. Easy ordering and fast shipping. Absolutely great business.
~John F.
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the customer service people at Geno's. Everyone I talked to was very helpful in getting me the items I ordered. Keep up the great service you provide.
~ Dan W.
GENO'S is the only place I buy parts for my Cummins Turbo Diesel.
~Matt J.
Thank you and your team on getting this order completed. It great to know that your company stands up to their reputation. Great job!
~Rick E.