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If your '03-'05 Dodge Ram has a broken passenger side headlight, fix it with this affordable replacement.



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Replacement headlamp 2003 Ram 3500
Jun 6, 2018  |  By tim tanker
These replacement headlamps appear to be very good quality. The packaging that they are shipped in is first rate and provide a lot of protection to the lamps. High quality packaging is usually an indicator that the manufacturer cares about product quality. The lamps do come equipped with Sylvania bulbs installed. The lamps have an adjustment screw for vertically aiming of the lamps. The side to side adjustment port has a removable cover fastened over it but the adjustment mechanism is not provided. I thought it would be easy to simply transfer the horizontal adjustment mechanism from my oem lamp to this replacement, however it appears that this would require removing the entire lamp assembly from the old unit to insert into the new lamp. I decided to leave well enough alone and try the new lamp before deciding if any adjustments are necessary. Overall the appearance of the new lamps immediately improves the look of the truck. Although my truck is 15 years old the front end now looks like a much more modern vehicle.

Awesome Lights
May 24, 2018  |  By Scott Pfeil
Purchased to replace my 2004 Dodge Ram lights. I found Geno's online and ordered a set. These lights are good quality, well made, and fit in actually better than my OEM set. I definitely recommend them. Thanks Robin for the excellent Communication & shipping and the goodies dropped in the box. Geno's has Excellent Customer service!!!

replacement lens assm
Feb 13, 2017  |  By sarj
same as everyone else, I was looking at yellowing lens covers. I saw a comment on a TDR thread, looked up the product and went for it. Simple install and completely renews the face of the truck... well worth the money, and you end up with some spare bulbs from the old housings

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