BRITE BOX ('99-'02, w/o SPORT PKG)

Item #: BB-4B
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When driving at night in your '99-'02 Dodge Ram truck, have you noticed the increased lighting brightness when you pull back the switch to go from low beams to high beams? In the transition you activate a momentary switch position that illuminates both the high and low headlight beams. Likely you've driven and tried to keep the switch in the momentary position, but the left hand tires quickly and the headlight switch is not designed for a continuous amperage draw.

No doubt it would be nice to enjoy the vision benefits of the combination high and low beam patterns. The answer: Brite Box! The Brite Box module plugs right into your Dodge Ram's existing wiring harness and allows simultaneous operation of the high and low beams without placing any additional loads on the vehicle's stock headlight switches or wiring. amperage draw.

  • Unplug the harness from the light (passenger side light is easiest to access) and plug it into the Brite Box.
  • Take the pigtail plug from Brite Box and plug into the light.
  • Connect the Brite Box positive wire to the battery positive.
  • Secure the Brite Box to the truck's under-hood.
The Brite Box M4B unit works both headlights.

NOTE: Must be used with stock wattage Halogen bulbs.

NOTE: This Brite Box will not work on trucks equipped with day time running lights.

NOTE: Due to Canadian motor vehicle regulations, this product is not available to Canadian customers.


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Bright box
Jan 22, 2017  |  By Mike
Box did exactly what I wanted it to and exactly what they said it would it leaves your brights and dims on together and has improved my bright lights by 100%. I've had it on my truck for 3 months now with no issues and it shipped to me quicker than i expected. Before my brights were barely brighter than my dims. Once I get clearer lenses they'll work even better. I'm completely happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone else.

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