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The BD Intercooler Hose Kit for the '94-'02 Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel truck consists of Blue Nomex Silicone hoses designed for 100 lbs. of turbo boost with spring-loaded clamps to hold them in place. If you are running these high boost levels on your truck, these are a "must have " part to keep the intercooler hose and boots from blowing off.

Eye-catching blue Nomex silicone hoses are secured by rugged, spring-loaded, stainless steel T-bar clamps. Engineered for each individual application, BD hose and clamp kits are a must for any modified turbo diesel.

The BD Intercooler Hose and Clamp Kit features:

  • 4-ply and 5-ply Blue Nomex silicone boots are heat and tear resistant. Designed to withstand over 100 PSI of boost
  • Rugged spring-loaded stainless steel T-bar clamps provide up to 400 lbs of clamping pressure to create the ultimate hold
Engineered specifically for each application.


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Highly recommended
Sep 30, 2017  |  By Ian A.
My truck has over a quarter million miles on it and my intercooler hoses were looking a like they'd seen better days. After some research I discovered these and what really appealed to me is the clamps; they appear to be extremely durable. They're rated to handle 100psi and I believe it. When you hold the clamps you can just feel how much stronger they are than the stock clamps. I've only put about 3 or 4 thousand miles on these but no issues yet and I feel so much more confident going on road trips that I won't be stranded on the side of the highway because my one of my tired old stock hose clamps fails. Installation was straight forward but a little bit tricky slipping the hoses onto the openings. Helps to have a buddy give you a hand. Quick tip: I recommend that you take photos of your intercooler hoses before you take them off that way you know which way the metal pipes go when you reinstall.

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