BANJO SNUBBER - TORK TEK - 14MM ('94-'98, 5.9L)

Item #: BF-CBS010
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This banjo snubber is designed specifically for '94-'98 Cummins 5.9L diesel engines and dampens the violent pressure spikes of the injection pump. The snubber takes the place of a 14mm banjo bolt and makes fuel pressure gauge installation a breeze.

14MM x 1.5 inlet threads with 1/8NPT outlet threads.

Two gaskets are included with the snubber.


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Needs smaller orafice
Aug 29, 2019  |  By Onstott Curtis
My gauge was still being beat up after installation. I had to install a needle valve. and get it cracked just the right amount.

Almost does the job
Aug 9, 2017  |  By Brandon Boyl
Installed this banjo snubber fitting onto my 1996 12 valve. I am using an isolator and the 35 PSI mechanical fuel pressure gauge from autometer. This fitting is great quality wise but I did get some needle bounce with this that would be anywhere between 1-3 PSI on average so I was forced to install a needle valve on the gauge side of the isolator to further dampen pressure spikes. A smaller orifice may have made more of an improvement in this regard. Less responsive gauge yes but less bounce as well.

Banjo Snubber
Apr 11, 2017  |  By Matt
I bought this banjo snubber to put a mechanical fuel gauge on my 97' 12v Dodge. The install was a piece of cake and the instructions were great.

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