TPS/APPS DELETE KIT ('91.5-'98, 12V)

Item #: LD-TPS-DEL
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It is not uncommon for the TPS/APPS in '91.5-'98 Dodge Diesel trucks to fail. Get this TPS/APPS Delete Kit so you don't have to keep replacing the faulty TPS sensor.

It replaces it with a linear potentiometer with wiring harness that slides into the factory TPS connector pigtail. This allows you to adjust exactly when you want your truck to shift into overdrive.


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tps delete kit
Sep 18, 2020  |  By Colin
works great! 100% I've got a good 47rh trans and had shuttering problem and shifting issues. This kit took me 20 minuts to install with minimal mechanic skills. Super happy and impressed and truly amazed! Early 2nd gen, I installed switch in da empty button spot next to my OD switch on dash. Would recommend a pigtail for instalation incase the tps kit got broke for any reason. But 100% satisfied and grateful. Thank you geno.

Doesn't work
Oct 7, 2020  |  By Vincent
Came in today does not work truck still won't shift into overdrive
Owner Response:Sorry for the troubles. Please contact us for further tech support. This is only one part of the circuit that controls overdrive and lockup.

wish I had bought years ago
Dec 19, 2020  |  By Don
Was having a problem with downshifting , hard shifting and not shifting into overdrive. I was told my tranny was going out . They could not figure out the problem. 500 dollars later and still not fixed I purchased this TPS/APPS delete kit. It took about and hour to install and fixed all those problems. Now my truck is fun to drive.

TPS Delete kit. Hallelujer!
Apr 10, 2021  |  By Pat Norman
I mounted to the lower dash panel below and left of the steering wheel and ran the wiring thru the rubber port in the firewall to the right of the brake fluid reservoir. Man this instantly solved my funky TPS woes. The $130 parts store TPS will not past long and the good ones are near $300. This delete kit for about $40 with fedex freight does exactly what I wanted it to do. THANKS GENO'S!!!

Install and Tech Information

Download TPS/APPS Delete Kit Installation.pdf