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This item is eligible for a $100 Rebate from AMP Research when purchased between May 1 and June 30, 2023. To get your $100 (comes as a pre-loaded credit card), Download and Print the AMP REBATE FORM and follow their directions to complete and submit form HERE : AMP Research Rebate Special - Rebate Form.pdf

AMP Research has taken the Dodge Ram PowerStep running boards to the next level of innovation refinement, simplifying the electrical installation by making it "Plug N Play." The Plug N Play system makes installation easier by eliminating any need for accessing door panels as part of the normal installation process of other PowerSteps. You just plug it in using a factory wired solution so you don't have to tap into factory wiring.

The PowerStep with Plug N Play uses the On Board Diagnostic (OBD-II) port to connect the controls of the PowerStep to the vehicle computer system.

  • No need to enter door panels to locate the factory wiring.
  • Save 90+ minutes of installation time compared to other PowerSteps.
  • The Pass-Through-Harness provides an additional port at the connection point.
As with all PowerStep running boards for the Dodge Ram truck, we like them for their outstanding form and function.

Form - The AMP Research design tucks up and under the truck's side pinch rail. In the up position, they are out of sight, leaving your truck with a clean, uncluttered look.

Function - In the down position (eight-inch drop), you can't beat the full-length step board for ease-of-entry/exit access to your truck. You and all of your passengers will love them.

The wow-factor when the steps lower and raise is remarkable. The fit and finish are flawless. The PowerStep is a worthy investment of the money that you will spend accessorizing your truck. And, hey, don't believe us; just ask your passengers.

Part # 76139-01A

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