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Here is niche product for a niche marketplace: 2003-2004 Turbo Diesel owners with a manual transmission where the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor (APPS) is located under the battery tray. You'll have to remove the drivers side inner fender well to access it.

If your truck is this vintage of vehicle and you are having the infamous "dead pedal" problem, the answer is often to replace the Mopar #53032456AE part. Yet, because of the location under the battery tray, the problem can also be traced to a bad wiring harness (yep, corrosion). Well known replacement TPS vendor Tim Brenneman (Timbo) has developed a replacement harness that goes from the APPS to the ECM main plug.

Now the question: How do you know if you need the 53032456AE APPS or the wiring harness?

Check the video listed on this page for the testing procedure.


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it works!!
Nov 6, 2020  |  By christopher Telles
I was having issues with my 04 dodge ram 3500-manual transmission. it would accelerate on its own or no response from the accelerator pedal, after I plugged this harness it fix my truck!

Excellent instructions
Jul 20, 2020  |  By Matthew Breden
I encountered an intermittent APPS issues a couple years ago in my 04.5 where, when it would occur, all throttle input would not be registered. It first happened on the highway where it felt like my truck died - it just went down to idle. I replaced my APPS itself, but the issue still happened one more time. That is when I ordered this kit. Fortunately my issue went away on its own, before installing this kit. However, I decided to install it regardless so I don't have to deal with the issue again. I cannot comment on this solving the problem, because I wasn't encountering it anymore, but I can comment on the quality of the harness & instructions. In short, they're fantastic. There are worded step by step insutrctions, as well as drawings to show exactly which pins you need to swap out. The kit also supplied two pin removal tools. A note on that: the first tool broke on the first pin, and the second tool broke on the last pin. You must be gentle using these as they are very flimsy. If it wasn't for the second tool breaking on the last pin, this would have taken me less than 1 hr.

Install and Tech Information

Download APPS Repair Harness Instructions.pdf