REPLACEMENT DASHBOARD (BLACK) - AFTERMARKET ('98-'02, 2500/3500 & '98-'01, 1500) * * BLEMISHED * *

Item #: DRD8-2SD-KIT


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The typical defects are shown in the photos. The upper mounting holes can be elongated and there can be flashing around them too. These blemishes do not affect the mounting of the dashboard. Some may have very light scuff or faint paint marks from the inspection process.

Get our aftermarket full replacement dash top for your 2nd Gen '98-'02 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 or '98-'01 Dodge Ram 1500 trucks and help make the interior of your truck look new again. This is a full replacement dash top and not a cover. It is made in the USA with ABS plastic that is designed to help keep the sun from making the dash crack like the OEM dash. The dash top is only available in black.

We recommend that the dash be painted to match and to add one more layer of UV protection and cut down on its reflection in the windshield. Left unpainted, the replacement dash is quite reflective and will typically cause a glare on the inside of the windshield on a sunny day.

We will also include a copy of issue 82 of the TDR with an article on replacing the dash in a '98-'02 Dodge Ram 2500/3500.

  • Made from heavy duty ABS plastic.
  • Reinforced mounting holes.
  • More durable than the original OEM part.
  • Molded in black so it can be painted to match interior
  • Made in the USA.

To install the replacement dashboard you will have to remove the front dash so you can slide the dashtop forward. Some minor trimming and modifications will be required to make it fit.

Because all the holes for mounting the dash are cut on a 5 axis CNC machine, we have found that if the holes that locate the airbag tabs are off, then all of the holes across the front of the dash will be off. The part of our dash description that states, "some minor trimming might be required" pertains to some potential tweaking of the cut outs to get the tabs to fully seat. We recommend using a rat tail file after inspecting with a small mirror to determine which of the air bag tabs are not wanting to seat properly. You can also go in and finesse the louvers that are cut into the plastic at an angle to get them looking more finished. The OEM louvers typically crack if you try to remove them from an OEM dash, so we chose to have the louvers cut at an angle to direct the air to the side windows. Take the rubber from around the a pillars off the original dash and adhere them to the new dash so that you get a clean finished look around the a pillar.

NOTE: This dash fits all Sport and Non-Sport model trucks.

NOTE: We recommend replacing the old heater core and A/C evaporator at the same time as dash replacement.

NOTE: A flat $50.00 shipping fee applies to the continental U.S. deliveries. Actual shipping will be applied for all other areas within the U.S. We cannot ship this part to U.S. Territories or Internationally due to the high cost to ship.

NOTE: This is a dash top only. You will receive what is pictured.

Install and Tech Information

Download Dash Installation Instructions.pdf (4.2mb)

Read about how to install the replacement dash online at our blog.