HEAVY DUTY BATTERY CABLE KIT ('07.5-'09, 6.7L 2500/3500)

Item #: BAT-DDG35KIT
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Replacement battery cable sets from Mopar can be very expensive and we've received many requests for high quality but more reasonably priced battery cables. We found them!

These heavy-duty Ram replacement cable kits are made from 2/0 ("two-aught") cable for the starter with 90 degree bend and engine block grounds. The tin-plated copper terminals are crimped with a 12-ton hydraulic crimper and are then sealed with adhesive-lined shrink wrap to help prevent corrosion from the battery's acidic fumes.

Cables are shipped with anti-corrosion battery washers and military-style battery terminals with "Nylox" style lock nuts.

Battery Cable Kit Includes:

  • Positive 2/0 battery-to-battery
  • Positive 2/0 battery-to-starter
  • Left negative with 3 wires
  • Right negative with 2 wires
  • 2 Positive and 2 Negative military-style battery terminals
  • 4 Lock nuts
  • 2 Red and 2 Black military-style battery terminal covers
  • 2 Sets of terminal protector washers
  • Loom
  • 5 Mountable and 5 normal zip ties


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Awesome product
Jun 23, 2020  |  By Adam Hauseman
Me and my buddy (Diesel Mechanic by trade) installed this on my 08 Mega Cab and were really impressed with the quality of the product and that every wire was clearly labeled. This is without a doubt the way to go if you have broken or corroded terminals/ cables.

Quality Kit
Mar 25, 2023  |  By Kyle
Good Quality product. My only complain and reason for 4 stars is that it does not come with the alternator or the Grid Heater Relay cable (which is usually the most corroded). Went down to the Hobby Lobby and built my own, just a little more inconvenient since my truck was already torn apart. P.S.- to replace the grounding cable on the driver's side you have to drop the starter. Do yourself a favor and just buy a replacement starter is you have a high mileage truck like mine, you're going to remove it anyways.

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