SPLASH WHAM-O REPLACEMENT TAILGATE PROTECTOR ('10-'20, 2500/3500 & '09-'18, 1500)

Item #: GG-SPLASH10
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Family Problems: What to do about Splash and Wham-o?

We're all family, right? Yet, some problems are too embarrassing to discuss. Begrudgingly, let's talk about Splash and Wham-o.

Splash was a problem the first time you opened the Fourth Generation truck's tailgate. Water accumulated on the plastic aero-lip of the tailgate cover and you got a splash on your front side when you dropped the tailgate. Such a poopie design.

Wham-o, he came along a little later, like the first time someone else dropped the tailgate onto a close-by trailer jack. Bam/thunk! Now there is a big dent in the tailgate's horizontal edge that no one knows anything about. Such a poopie design.

Our replacement plastic tailgate protector corrects the problem that Splash created with a flat surface instead of the aero-lip. Our plastic tailgate protector corrects the problem that Wham-o created by wrapping (covering up) the tailgate's horizontal edge. This is a heck of a lot cheaper than repairing a tailgate.

The Splash and Wham-o cover is textured similar to the factory plastic cover. We supply new mounting clips and 3M double-sided tape to hold the cover in place. Keep yourself dry and protect (cover up) your tailgate with the Splash/Wham-o tailgate protector.


Fits 2010 to 2020 Ram 2500/3500 trucks.

Also fits '09-'18 Ram 1500 and '19 Ram 1500 Classic trucks. Does not fit new bodystyle 2019 Ram 1500 trucks.


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Great fix
Jul 7, 2020  |  By Dan
Had a dent from the trailer jack, covered it perfectly, looks factory. Great fit.

Perfect Fit
Jun 21, 2020  |  By David Lane
Great product, Perfect fit and covered my dent saving me over a thousand dollars to repair. I did have an issue with the supplied 3M tape sticking. I picked up some Gorilla HD 30lb. 1" double sided tape and it seems to be holding up to the Arizona heat. Thank you for a great alternative that looks OEM.

5 Stars
Jun 13, 2020  |  By Christopher Andrews
Nearly cried when I "boogered up" the upper tailgate lip of my 2018 RAM. Found this online. Fit is perfect. Next day delivery to Upstate SC. Problem solved. Looks almost factory. I'd give 6 stars if this was a rough textured plastic instead of smooth.

Tailgate Protector
May 20, 2020  |  By Jay
My tailgate had a lot of damage on the rail, and I was looking to buy a used tailgate, then I found this product. I removed the access panel from the tailgate and hammered out the massive dents and installed the new protector. Install was easy and now my tailgate looks great.

high price
May 17, 2020  |  By tom roth
would love to have one of these its just what I am looking for but at $100.00 plus $18.00 shipping. I will just purchase original equip for $25.00 just to high of a price for me. maybe free shipping would change my mind.
Owner Response:Thank you for this feedback. As long as this ships within the continental US, the shipping is free. If our website populates shipping, please let me know, and I will correct asap. You can reach me at sales@genosgarage.com. Thank you again.

Love this product
Jan 1, 2020  |  By Chris
This is exactly what I was hoping for! Perfect fit and easy install. Had to do a little trimming of the spray in bedliner, but after that the fit was perfect. I would buy this product again. Very satisfied customer!!

Just OK.
Aug 30, 2019  |  By Rob V.
I guess I had high hopes for this gives the price. It is nice because it does cover where my tailgate was showing wear and tear that could not be easily touched up. However, the Splash Wham-O appears to be a thermoplastic, but not a TPO in the typical formulation for automotive trim parts such as OE bed and tailgate caps. Further, the Splash Wham-O was produced with a grain texturing while OE uses a stipple, so visually it is different because of the texturing and the different composition (it's a deeper black). The fit of the part is nice and tight, but you will likely need to remove some casting flash from the edges. The holes and recesses for the push fasteners for mine were slightly off, but still worked. I centered the Splash Wham-O side-to-side on my tailgate. The left most pin was centered, but as you worked right, the rightmost pin head had to be forced into the recess for it. Also, do not bother with the supplied 3M VHB tape. 3M VHB is completely the wrong tape for thermoplastics and automotive trim applications! What should have been provided is 3M Acrylic Plus as this is the standard for attaching automotive trims to body panels. Yes, I am experienced here because I used to do body work and paint for a living. Even though I knew better, I tried the VHB thinking maybe Geno's knew something I did not. I thoroughly prepared the Splash Wham-O, and tailgate, applied the Splash Wham-O, used a nice roller to press everything together over the tape locations, and then used few clamps over each for 48 hours. Actually held when clamps were removed, but literally by the next morning the plastic was free from the tape. I took it all apart - practically no bond of VHB to the Splash Wham-O, but I had to use a 3M adhesive removing wheel to take the tape off the tailgate. I re-prepared everything and used a continuous run of 3M Acrylic Plus tape, and it's been holding for the last 9 days through 95 degF temperature, direct sunlight, and running down the highway in pouring rain. I would not be comfortable without the tape because of the direct that works itself behind these trim pieces, and then with the trim piece moving, it would shred the underlying paint and cause rust. I cannot tell you how many truck I repaired because of cancer under bed and tailgate caps.

Excellent product
Jul 29, 2019  |  By Ryan Wallace
I dented the top of my tailgate on my trailer jack after a pricey quote from an auto body shop I came across the Splash Whammy on this site. It surpassed my expectations, it looks like it belongs on the truck and has a quality fit, you can feel it snap into place on the tailgate and with the replacement pins and double sided tape makes for an easy professional looking install that also hid my dent. would highly recommend this product. Only one ive found like it online.

FIts great
Mar 28, 2019  |  By Thomas Sanders
Just installed this on my 2012 Ram 2500 and it fits and looks great. I definitely would recommend this.

Mar 13, 2019  |  By Martin W Nelson
This is a nice part, easy installation, Great

Install and Tech Information

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