DIESEL FUEL FILLER CAP - GENO'S GARAGE ('19-'21, 2500/3500 & '20-'21, 1500)

Item #: GG-DSLFC19
*Backordered: 4/30/2021
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This green diesel fuel filler cap fits all Ram 1500/2500/3500 filler necks with three guide bars inside the neck. Cap is magnetic so you can put it on the filler door while adding fuel so you don't leave it behind.

Green anodized aluminum.


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2019 Fuel Cap Fitment Issues
Jan 7, 2021  |  By Mike
The cap I received (part # GG-DSLFC19) only allows about 1/16" of a twist when I put it on. I'm not willing to try and put more torque on twisting it as the filler neck is plastic. Looking at the side of the cap, there's a notch that's larger than 1/16" of an inch, maybe 3/16" or 4/16", which is what I was expected it to turn. The product itself feels like a quality part. It's heavy and the magnet sticks to the door when it's time to fill up which is nice. But the design/execution is lacking because the fitment just isn't there. I'm honestly not sure how well it seals as it seems like it's just resting in place rather than tightening to seal in place.
Owner Response:Thank you for your feedback, Mike. It sounds like the fuel cap is functioning correctly. The fuel cap has a tapered thread. As you turn it clockwise, it will tighten. It does not need to make a full rotation to be secure.

Fits great, looks great!
Apr 16, 2020  |  By Rob
This cap is a must for any 2019-2020 Ram owner to keep dirt and moisture out of the fuel tank.

2019 Ram Fuel Cap
Feb 13, 2020  |  By Ricky Herring
Perfect fit. make sure when you buy one for the 19-20 model that is has the 3 groves in the cap, not a smooth round inside

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