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'13+ Ram ball joint replacement: There aren't many truck projects that are as unpleasant. It is dirty, difficult and time consuming job.

For Ram trucks with radius arms.

The Turbo Diesel Register has covered the subject and the most recent article was in Issue 91, pages 16-18. The conclusion: Make your first ball joint replacement your last.

To accomplish that goal, you need a rebuildable ball joint. The folks at EMF (Evolution Machining and Fabrication) have developed "a better mousetrap." Here is the sales pitch: EMF is a small specialty shop. They make rebuildable Heim joints, rod ends, tie rods and ball joints.

The EMF Ball Joint has a removable race and pin (part of their patent). Competitive products have a removable pin, however the inside of the housing will wear as the pin wears resulting in the inevitable replacement of the entire unit. By having the internal race and pin set on the EMF ball joint, the race will act as the wear point instead of the housing body creating a long lasting unit.

Over time, the ball joint pin and races will wear and when it gets to the point where the play can't be removed by tightening it anymore - that's when you rebuild it. You don't have to remove the ball joint from the knuckle - you can rebuild them right on the truck.

Included in the EMF Ball Joint Kit:

  • 1 Pair of Upper Ball Joints
  • 1 Pair of Lower Ball Joints
  • Install Nuts
  • Install Washer & Cup (To avoid damaging the cap and the ring when pressing the ball joint into the knuckle)
  • Allen Key & Spanner Wrench (To Tighten the Ball Joints or Rebuild them in the future)
  • Instructions
    • They are also greaseable so you can just pump a couple squirts of grease into it around every oil change and go.

      Each kit for the 2003 and newer Ram trucks includes one set of EMF-DSB-3999 intermediate shaft bushings at no charge.

Install and Tech Information

Download TDR91 Ball Joint Replacement.pdf (8 meg.)


This is a long video, but it will explain everything you wanted to know about the steering knuckle and ball joints.