Item #: MP-0105
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This Motive Products Power Brake Bleeder Kit is designed for use on Dodge Ram trucks with a metal rectangular master cylinder and oblong reservoir cap. Make brake bleeding easy.

This kit includes:

  • 2 quart capacity tank
  • Metal rectangular adapter plate and clamping hardware
1-year Manufacturer Warranty.

Install and Tech Information

Why should I pressure bleed the brake system?
Pressure bleeding provides a safe and effective way to remove trapped air and other contaminants from the hydraulic system. A Motive Products POWER BLEEDER is easy to pressurize, and holds enough fluid for a complete system flush, most vacuum bleeders require repeated refilling of the reservoir. Reverse bleeding where you hook a pressurized line to the bleeder valves on the calipers can force contaminants into critical parts of the ABS system and master cylinder. Also the typical method of pumping the brake pedal while a helper opens and closed the bleeder valve can actually damage your master cylinder. By pushing the pedal past the normal travel distance the master cylinder seals on the piston can be ripped or gouged by areas in the master cylinder bore that are rusted or worn.