EDGE INSIGHT CS2 ('96-'20, 2500/3500 & '14-'18 RAM ECODIESEL) OBDII

Item #: EDGE-84030
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Get the EDGE Insight CS2 unit for your '96-'20 Ram Turbo Diesel 2500/3500 or '14-'18 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel truck and have one digital gauge to monitor the engine performance instead of an interior filled with gauges.

The Edge Products' CS2 monitor has a high-resolution, 2.4-inch color touchscreen (TS) with push button controls. All of us at Geno's have used analog gauges in our Turbo Diesel trucks and the concept of having multiple gauges that do not require fancy gauge pods and a lot of underhood tinkering really appeals to us. The voice of experience screams out, "It can't be any easier than plug-and-play using the OBD II port.

And, plug-and-play we did. And we love this gauge as it gives you up to eight data items that you can watch on the big, easy-to-read screen.

You get these features:

  • Plug-and-play to OBD II port
  • A choice from all SAE data available from the vehicle computer*
  • Maintenance Manager allows you to program-in reminders for maintenance**
  • Ability to allow you to read and clear out fault codes
  • Performance test with peak value memory
  • Visible and audible alerts for user-programmed maximum levels
  • Reasonable price - compared to the purchase of individual gauges and the price of installation, the price of the Insight CTS is more than reasonable
  • Display to regeneration status
  • Truck performance can be tested and timed
  • Software allows you to choose from a variety of custom background choices

* The SAE data that can be presented on the 2.4" color touch screen are as follows:

Accelerator position • Barometer • Battery voltage • Corrected speed • Diesel particulate filter pressure • Exhaust gas temperature (optional) • Engine coolant temperature • Engine load • Engine RPM • Fuel level remaining • Fuel rail pressure • Gear position (auto) • Intake temperature • Post diesel oxidation catalyst temperature • Post diesel particulate filter temperature • Post NOx absorber catalyst temperature • Regeneration status • Transmission temperature (auto) • Turbo boost • Vehicle speed

You can choose eight of these data items to be displayed in digital form. Or, you can choose three digital/sweep gauges and two digital-only data items on the display.

**The Maintenance Manager (MM) screen allows you to program in a mileage interval for you to perform maintenance on the following items:

Air filter • Axle fluid • Cabin air filter • Engine coolant • Engine oil • Fuel filter • Transmisson fluid • Check fluids • Inspect brake pads • Rotate tires

As a part of the MM programming you can choose an audible alarm to indicate that maintenance is due.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Insight CS2 part number we sell does not work the Edge's performance tuner known as the "Juice Module" The Juice Kit requires a different CS2. However, the Insight 84030 does work with "Smarty" programmers.

NOTE: For the conventional exhaust gas temperature at the exhaust manifold, an EGT probe (98601/$99) can be purchased and installed by the customer. This requires drilling and tapping into the exhaust manifold. The electrical side of the sensor plugs into the backside of the monitor.

NOTE: Does not work on '07-'12 Cab/Chassis trucks equipped with an Aisin transmission.

NOTE: Limited data available on '96-'07, 5.9L trucks.

CTS mounted on DashMat

How to mount your EDGE CS2?
Order a DashMat Dash Cover. Put a strip of velcro on the bottom of the CS2 and it can be positioned anywhere on the dash cover. Note that we will price the dash cover at half-price if ordered with the CS2 gauge.


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Edge insight
Aug 6, 2017  |  By Steve
Excellent product

Decent but small
Oct 7, 2016  |  By Frank Scalzi
The Edge Insight CS2 can display 6 different pieces of information using digital screens, but the numbers are a bit on the small size due to the screen being only about 2.5 inch long. Easy to set up and use.

Awesome new site
Sep 26, 2015  |  By wade brown
Can't wait to install the new plug n play edge suite

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