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Energy Suspension HYPER-FLEX polyurethane front control arm bushings for your '99-'02 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4WD truck do not rot or deteriorate from exposure to oils and undertruck chemicals or atmospheric conditions like smog and ozone. Unlike O.E.M. rubber, HYPER-FLEX components will not break down and deteriorate causing mushy handling and poor steering response.

For trucks with a 5/8" bottom mounting bolt.

Installed on the front of your truck you will find the control arm bushings:

  • Maintain proper alignment under extreme conditions on and off -road, and during competition.
  • Improves vehicle handling, cornering and overall control.
  • Full floating, for smoother operation.
Kit includes upper and lower control arm bushings.

NOTE: '99-'02 model trucks can use either 5.3131G or 5.3120G kits. It depends on the diameter of the bottom mounting bolt. If the bottom mounting bolt is 9/16" you will need 5.3120G. If the bolt is 5/8" you will need the 5.3131G kit.


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Good product
Jul 19, 2017  |  By Jim Nelson
The product is great....fits well. The customer service at Energy could be better.

Install and Tech Information

Check the Condition of the Control Arm Bushings

There is a simple test you may do to check the condition of your control arm bushings. You will want someone in the cab to start the truck and be on a concrete surface.

Have the person in the cab turn the wheel to the left and to the right almost going full lock both ways. As the wheel turns to the left, the right wheel will naturally want to pivot forward a little and the left wheel will pivot towards the back of the truck. The opposite when the wheel is turned to the right. While this is being done in a slow steady motion, look at both ends of the upper and lower control arms on each side of the truck. You are looking for any movement at the bushing that would indicate a worn bushing.