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If you've found the intake plenum gasket leaking or if the intake manifold has been removed from your '89-'02 Dodge Cummins truck, a new gasket is in order. This is an OEM Cummins gasket and fits like the original.


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Intake plenum gasket replacement
Mar 25, 2017  |  By John Barks
The gasket on my truck (1999 24 valve) was probably already leaking boost but when I removed the factory fuel filter canister I made a common mistake and made sure the gasket was dead (make sure you put the bolts that hold the canister on back in, you can use nuts to take up the slack). I removed the bolts holding the apps and set it aside, removed the air intake horn and heater grid. once removed the rest of the bolts holding the intake plenum cover plate I was able to slide it forward (if you position the fan it will give you a couple more inches. Unfortunately it wasn't enough so I had crack the first 4 injector lines on the top and the first 3 lines on the pump. After that the plate came right out and had plenty of room to clean everything up and put the new gasket in place without risking damage to it. It took about 45 min to do the work. If you suspect a boost leak this is where I would start, also, make sure to change the two gaskets to the intake horn and heater grid while you have it apart. You might also consider using the 3rd gen gasket as it's metallic, it looks like it has a tab that would need to be cut off but I think it would work. I went with the OEM replacement and am very happy with the results.

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