FAN HUB BEARING - CUMMINS ('89-'21, 5.9L & 6.7L)

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If the fan hub bearing in your '89-'21 Dodge Cummins trucks is making noise or the base for the cooling fan is loose and wobbling, don't wait to replace it. If it fails a lot of expensive damage can be done to the radiator fan, sensor and possibly the radiator.

Replacing the bearing is not very difficult, but you will need access to a press or have someone press the bearing into the fan hub for proper installation.


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fan hub bearing
Sep 26, 2015  |  By Robert Franklin
You can't beat the price. Compare to dealer $300 for the same bearing. After you get the old one out..put the bearing in the freezer for 24 hrs Put the cast housing in oven for 1 hr @ 450 then it taps right in.. NO PRESS

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Download Fan Hub Bearing Install Instructions.pdf