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Use this RV Connector Maintenance Kit to precisely cut away corrosion on 7-Spade Pin male and female connectors on the trailer wiring harness.

Many of you have probably experienced the situation where you hook up to a trailer and one or more lights are not working wasting time to get on the road. Nine-out-of-ten times it is because of corrosion on the electrical connections.

At Geno's Garage, we've used it to clean both the male and female sides of the 7-spade connectors on our trucks. The kit's circuit tester has LED lights that show that the connection at the pin is good, giving you confidence to troubleshoot wiring or light bulbs on the trailer if the lights are still not working.

The Connector Maintenance Kit will be a good addition to your toolbox to:

  • Quickly Test, Clean and Repair Truck & Trailer Connectors
  • Extends the Life of the Trailer Wiring Harness
  • Have a Great Preventative Maintenance Tool
  • Promote Safety & Limits Road Hazards

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