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The ISSPRO R82003 Attribute Programmer is used to activate a pre-installed warning light on EV² gauges, and to adjust the point at which the light illuminates.

To check to see if a gauge has a pre-installed warning light, simply watch the bottom of the face dial (6:00 position) when powering up the gauge; if the warning LED is installed it will briefly light up red during start-up. Gauges with serial numbers higher than C91 have the warning light.

To perform these adjustments on Performax gauges, an additional component, R82005, is required.

The Attribute Programmer can also be used to adjust the lighting curves and filtering characteristics on Performax and EV² gauges. It can make adjustments on any gauge with a serial number over B333. If you have an older gauge and would like to use this software to modify lighting curves or filtering characteristics, contact ISSPRO to arrange shipment back to our factory for reprogramming.

R82003 kit includes PC software, connectors and instructions.


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EV2 Program Cable
Sep 29, 2016  |  By Josh
This worked really well and was pretty simple. The lights on my gauges now come on at levels I decided.

Install and Tech Information

If the USB drive software you got with the programmer does not work, you can download the programmer software here.