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Time to change the CCV filter in your 2007.5 - 2023 Ram Cummins Turbo Diesel truck?
Hold on, what is a CCV?

The crankcase ventilation filter sits on top of the valve cover and, from what looks like a last minute entry in the '07.5 Owners Manual, it requires inspection and/or changing at 67,500 miles for 2007.5-2018 model year trucks, and at 75,000 miles for 2019-2023 models. According to Ram, a message on your overhead console will alert you to the need to change the filter.

Furthermore, should the crankcase vent system become clogged there are diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs for the uninitiated) that will be set causing a malfunction indicator light (MIL for the uninitiated) to come on. Specifically the DTCs for CCV problems are:

  • P1507 crankcase filter restriction.
  • P1508 crankcase filter restriction—replace filter.
If these codes are set the "Perform Service" message will illuminate on the overhead display.

Important product and brand comparison sheet by Fleetguard (manufacturer of these filters) available for your review under the Install and Tech Information tab above.

Freddie Frugal

Freddy Frugal Tip: The OE manufacturer of this filter is Cummins Filtration/Fleetguard and is part number CV520010.