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This replacement carbon activated cabin air filter keeps fumes, odors and allergens out of your Dodge Ram's interior. A clogged filter can also damage the performance of your truck's heating and air conditioning system. Replace the dirty filter once a year or every 15,000 miles.

'10-'18 Ram 2500,3500,4500 & 5500
'09-'18 Ram 1500 '19-'20 1500 Classic


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Cabin Filter Review
Sep 26, 2015  |  By Michael P Conyers
This product works great! Should have been added by the factory.

Wix not Mopar
Oct 16, 2016  |  By S
The picture is and description are slightly deceaving it looks like a Mopar filter but the ones I received where Wix filters still a good product just not what I expected.
Owner Response:Keeping these cabin filters in stock is a challenge and therefore we do not always have the same manufacture in stock. The Mopar version of this filter is not one that we have stocked due to the price of a OEM filter, but the filter door cover is a Mopar OEM part.

Cabin Filter
Nov 8, 2016  |  By Sam
I received a Napa filter. They did not say it was from Napa. I will not reorder.
Owner Response:The provided NAPA or WIX filters (depends on what we can get, is a charcoal filter, and therefore better than what a dealer would provide. We are sorry that the NAPA charcoal filter was not what you expected.

Cabin air filter
Dec 7, 2016  |  By Justin
Fits perfectly

Cabin Air Filter
Dec 21, 2016  |  By Scott Simmons
Not sure why they wouldn't want to have these standard on our vehicles. the amount of dirt that it catches is proof it works!

Super fast shipping
Dec 25, 2016  |  By L. D. Bellard
Bought this for future. The most amazing thing about these products is the shipping. Just a couple of days from Geno's to me. Fantastic!

Feb 12, 2017  |  By Jeff
Have a 2016 Ram Laramie. Lucky enough to have a door for the filter so no cutting was necessary. Bought a $40 pen from Chrysler originally. Waste of money. Purchased cabin filter from Genos and replaced $40 oem filter which was 2 weeks old. Big difference in filtering quality with Genos filter. Cleaner cabin air. Very, very satisfied. Thanks for the quick shipping also!

Mar 7, 2017  |  By Andy Noyes
For my 2016 ram big horn perfect. I did have the door already there too.

2016 dodge 2500
Apr 25, 2017  |  By Douglas LeBlanc
Removed the glove box seen the access panel opened it up and guess what no cabin air filter,Great Job Chrysler! glad I found geno's Napa filter fit perfect.

May 12, 2017  |  By Mark Cox
Love the idea of keeping out dirt and allergens

Cabin filter 16 Ram 2500
Nov 4, 2017  |  By Ryan
Cabin filter fits perfect. Product shipped in a timely manner. Awesome business as usual!

Nov 19, 2017  |  By Carl
Product worked well

BH Walter
Dec 29, 2017  |  By BH Walter
This filter was a little hard to get in place because of the design of the RAM 1500 truck glove box compartment, this should be an item that comes stock with the price for these trucks, thank goodness GENO'S came out with this air cabin filter I Love It !!!!

May 15, 2018  |  By Emanuel Rivera
Filter fit perfect, wish it was labeled "this side up" or "left/ right" IF that is even necessary. I just found tha tit only got a certain way after a few. Great quality, price and fast delivery. Thank you Geno's Garage for being in existence seriously.

It's a Filter!
Sep 18, 2019  |  By Jeff Goodwin
Filter seems to be of good quality and made in USA. Filter I received is a PRO-TEC brand, It has the carbon filtration as well as air flow direction indicators. Ordered this along with an oil filter and an oil filter plug. Had my parts in 2 days!! Geno's has won me over for sure. Also had some extra goodies in my box, Thanks!!

Great charcoal filter
Nov 17, 2022  |  By Cap
Fit very well in my 2018 3500. It was a Napa branded charcoal filter and by far the best cabin filter I've used. Thanks to Geno's for carrying top shelf brands

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