STEERING DAMPER - MOPAR ('08-'12, 4500/5500 4WD)

Item #: 52013986AE
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Genuine Mopar steering damper for 2008-2012 Ram 4500 & 5500, 4-wheel drive applications.

If you are getting sloppy steering and feedback through the steering wheel of your 2008-2012 Ram 4500/5500 4X4 then it might be time for a new steering damper. The steering damper is basically a hydraulic shock absorber for the steering and damps out undesirable movement of the steering wheel due to road imperfections.

Do You Need a New Steering Damper? To check to see if the steering damper in your Ram has lost its effectiveness, remove one end of it from the suspension and push on it. If you first get resistance, then less resistance, and then the resistance returns, it's time for a new part. The steering damper typically operates in a small range of motion and it is the center area of the damper that wears out.

Mopar Part Number 52013986AE

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