Item #: GG-CD-IC4G
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Get our A/C Condenser Guard and Intercooler Guard for your '18-'18 Ram Turbo Diesel and save $14.95.

The air conditioning condenser in your '13-'18 Ram Cummins truck has no protection as it comes from the factory and may be subject to costly damage from road debris. The Condenser Guard addresses this by covering the condenser in full with a 16-gauge guard with 1/2" perforated holes for maximum air flow.

The intercooler is now located beneath the radiator rather than behind it like the '10-'12 trucks. This intercooler guard is similar to our condenser guard and protects the intercooler from damage by road debris.

Condenser Guard and Intercooler Guard are powdercoated black for durability. Shown unpainted for clarity.

Install and Tech Information

Download Condenser Guard Instructions.pdf

Download Intercooler Guard Instructions.pdf