FAN CLUTCH REMOVAL WRENCH SET ('91.5-'24, 2500/3500 - 5.9L & 6.7L CUMMINS)

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Make removing the fan clutch easier on your 1991.5-2024 Dodge Ram 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins trucks with these low cost newly redesigned full-sized and heavy-duty wrenches made specifically for the job. The newer wrenches now have 17" long tapered handles.

We designed this low cost tool set in-house and have a local machine shop manufacture them to our specifications. This low cost wrench set comes completely unfinished but if you prefer, you can use Krylon to paint them.

Four specialty wrenches come in this set, as follows:
1) 36mm Turning Wrench for 1991.5-2012 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins
2) 1- 7/8" Turning Wrench for 2013-Up 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins
3) Counter Holding Wrench - holds the heads on the fan pulley. For 2003-Up 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins
4) Counter Holding Wrench - holds the heads on the fan pulley. For 1991.5-2002 5.9L Cummins


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Simplifies Removal but needs a few tweaks
Nov 5, 2022  |  By AP
I wanted the right tool to do this job. With ten years in New England on the previous fan clutch, it was pretty stuck. This helped, but alone was not sufficient. I had a bad time getting the holding tool to make solid contact on my 99. I may have even bent the holding tool (and had to bend it back a bit in my vice). Here is what helped immensely. 1) a bit of PB Blaster and an overnight soak 2) I ended up adding two longer bolts to the fan pulley to get purchase with the holding tool. Recommend the kit be augmented with 2-4 extra hardened bolts that can be added to the holding tool. I believe I used 2 M6x1.0x30mm bolts to fit the fan pulley. Then with good purchase, smack with a 3 pound mallet.

Tools worked great
Oct 2, 2023  |  By Bob Pratt
Removed the fan clutch on my '03, tools fit perfect. After getting the shroud out of the way, the actual fan removal was a 5 minute job. Thank Geno's - great product as always.

Install and Tech Information

Download Fan Clutch Removal Tech.pdf