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* * * PLEASE READ: Only fits Ram trucks with the fuel filler style shown in the photo. Filler neck has three guides. If your truck does NOT have the three filler neck guides, please see 2013 - 2018 Locking Fuel Cap. * * *

In 2013 the folks at Ram introduced a new fuel fill neck. The top of the neck is non-threaded and this design made the traditional screw-in and locking fill cap obsolete. Then in 2019 they redesigned the filler neck again.

The new design is simply a flapper-on-a-spring. Ram responded to the market's need for a fill cap by adding an 89¢ plastic plug. Outside vendors responded by making tethered and magnetic billet fuel caps. However, folks still wanted a locking fuel cap.

Finally, TDR member Bob Woodward (hey, an ex-Cummins engineer) invented a locking fuel cap and we're excited to help him bring this product to Ram 2500/3500 and Ram 1500 Turbo Diesel owners.

This anodized billet aluminum locking fuel cap is a simple design, align the plug to the 3 bars, twist the cap and a twist of the key lets you move the locking collar up to remove the fuel cap. Thanks Bob; Customers asked for it and you made it and it's made in the USA!

Each lock comes with one key.


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2019 EZ-LOC fuel cap for Ram 2019 3500 Diesel
Apr 19, 2020  |  By John Valenza
I think it was a good purchase but it could be a little easier to put on and off.

I Like It!
May 19, 2020  |  By Burn'n Oil
Nice piece of kit! Fits well and provides added peace of mind. Knurl the outer circumference as is done with the companion DEF cap, and it'll be perfect!

Must have
Jan 5, 2021  |  By Ed Cota
I bought this about two months ago and it works perfect, very easy to put on, it has guidelines. The only downfall is the key, anybody with the same key can open your cap.

Absolutely Perfect
Feb 5, 2022  |  By Cassidy
I purchased this with the def fuel cap for my husband for a gift and he loves them, they are the perfect fit and they are very easy to install and use, and the best part is now he actually has a cap to keep the crud out, as we will most definitely continue to purchase all of our eco diesel needs from Genos Garage. Thanks Geno for making something that truly fits unlike most others. If we could give 10 stars we most definitely would as this part is well deserving of it.

Fits Like a Glove
Sep 23, 2022  |  By Alex Luk
Fits perfectly, my only gripe is that I wish the key handle was fully made of metal and not plastic.

What I'd been looking for.
Feb 17, 2023  |  By Thomas Booze
Looks great. I only wish I'd known to take off the plastic cap and ring first. I wanted to leave it on until I was sure the new cap would fit but the new cap kept popping off which caused scratches on it when it hit the ground. I finally took the plastic cap and ring off and it fit fine.

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