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A common failure point of the 2nd Generation Dodge 2500/3500 4WD Truck steering gearboxes is the lower sector shaft bearing and seal. This is due to the OEM single bearing design.

PSC now offers an Extreme Duty replacement that features a 45MM sector shaft and bearing that virtually eliminates side-to-side deflection. Designed with a 16:1 steering ratio that delivers 3.25 turns lock-to-lock and a modern variable valve for stable on-the-road driving and effortless maneuvering.

  • Reuses OEM pitman arm
  • 45mm bearing and sector shaft to eliminate any side-to-side flex
  • 16:1 ratio for easier parking and less turns lock-to-lock
  • Relocated and larger bearings for better sector shaft stability
  • 80MM piston
  • Fits 4WD trucks with T-style steering and inverted Y-style linkage
  • Has same input shaft as factory gear box so OEM or Borgeson steering shaft is a direct bolt-on
  • Will not work with any steering box braces
  • New pressure and return line O-rings included

NOTE: Due to the increased overall size of the PSC XD steering gear, spacers are included in the kit to space the gear box off the frame. There is a 1" difference from the OEM steering gear. We suggest trimming the draglink and tie-rod at pitman arm 1/2" to clear for alignment. Some stock height trucks may need to trim the draglink threads 1/2" depending on the height of the front end.

NOTE: This Kit fits the '94-'02 Ram 2500/3500 4WD trucks and Cab/Chassis trucks.

NOTE: This PSC Steering Box Kit is not compatible with any aftermarket steering box braces.

NOTE: If you have aftermarket steering linkage like Synergy Manufacturing, your truck's suspension will need to have at least a 2 inch lift/leveling kit installed for the PSC steering box to fit. Any questions or if you are not sure, please call to discuss before ordering.


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I think I'm in love...
Mar 13, 2022  |  By Todd Stephens
02 Dodge Extended Cab 4X4 5 speed Stock height with 285x75 R16's. Dynatrac Free Spin hub kit Synergy Ball Joints DOR Track Bar Just removed my Red Head steering box and steering brace. This thing had enough slop to get every cop in the county lining up to give you a sobriety test. It had less than 30k miles on it. Heavy steering, about 10-15 degrees of slop, and didn't even try to return to center. I even sent it back to Red Head for review and they said "we'd package it up and resell it as new." They even told me to tighten up the adjuster screw, which didn't help a bit. In comes the PSC box. MASSIVE! No need for a steering brace (it won't fit anyway). I bought the Swepco fluid and flush (why not, it's a $1,000 box just do what they recommend). Installation was straight forward with no issues. I don't have the factory steering components anymore. I have Moog replacements and did NOT have to trim anything to get my steering wheel centered, but others have said they did have to trim. Either way, not a big deal if you have a grinder or a cut off tool of some sort. So far results are very positive within the first 100 miles. Took a little while to bleed the system and made a mess everywhere, but at least my garage floor won't rust now... It steers wonderful! It has a very light feel compared to the Red Head. Mine doesn't fully return to center in a turn, but it comes back most of the way, which is more than I can say for the Red Head. The Red Head didn't even try to come back from a turn. Best of all NO SLOP! This thing is tight. After 4 years, my truck FINALLY goes where you point it. Thanks guys!

Worth the $
Apr 18, 2022  |  By Scott H
I replaced an OEM steering box w/brace on my 98 12V and it made a huge difference. Prior to the replacement I had about 70 degrees of slop in my steering wheel. With the PSC box and no brace I have maybe 5 - 10 degrees which I will attribute to old ball joints. While this may be the more expensive of the available options, I don't anticipate having to replace the steering box again while I own the truck.

Feb 21, 2024  |  By Ellis Bouvier
Steers like it is supposed to. No more hunting an slop

Install and Tech Information

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