Item #: CM-ACTKIT2013
*Backordered: 4/15/2024
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This part is non-returnable once product box seal is broken. It is your responsibility to properly diagnose a turbo problem before ordering. Improper installation can and will damage the turbocharger.

Before you buy, check to make sure the gear that the actuator moves on the turbo is free. If this gear cannot be easily moved by one finger, you will need to replace the turbo. If you feel any resistance do not order this part. If you do feel resistance it will cause this actuator and any other actuator to fail. ***THIS PART CANNOT BE RETURNED ONCE BOX SEAL IS BROKEN*** IF YOU HAVE CODE P226C, THIS WILL NOT FIX THE PROBLEM.

    **Product ships with a blue Security Seal on the outside of the part box. If this seal is broken or tampered with, the product is non-returnable.**

    With the Variable Geometry Technology (VGT) turbocharger in the '07.5-'22 Ram Turbo Diesel trucks, everything changed when it came to servicing it. To work on it you needed training, expensive tools and you couldn't test the actuator, so as a DIY-er truck owner you were left with replacing the turbo which is expensive.

    City Diesel worked to fix this. Step one was to develop an actuator tester that anyone could use. Shortly after they released it, more affordable rebuilt turbochargers started showing up. However, there was still a problem because the actuator has to be calibrated to the turbocharger and you were not able to simply replace an actuator. This means you either have to pay a fee to get the actuator calibrated at a shop that has the correct equipment (average price $200) or buy the entire turbocharger even if the actuator was the only problem.

    The cost-effective solution: the creation of a new actuator and gear housing. You replace all the electronics, including the circuit board, motor, harness adapter and a new gear box. There is no calibration required and no complicated installation. Again, what this means to you is that you have a viable, cost-effective option for replacing your actuator when you have a problem.

    • Cost effective solution - no need to replace entire turbo.
    • No need for expensive tools or a trip to the dealership calibration.
    • It wipes the vanes/self-testing on every key cycle, preventing soot and carbon buildup.
    • The actuator motor has almost twice the torque: This makes it more difficult for the vanes to freeze up and gives you faster throttle response.
    • The actuator was designed from the beginning to work well with EFI-live aftermarket tuners.
    • Does not interfere with exhaust brake operation.
    • Replacement actuator, gear housing, gaskets and wiring adapter included.
    Before you buy, check to make sure the gear that the actuator moves on the turbo is free. If this gear cannot be easily moved by one finger, you will need to replace the turbo. If you feel any resistance do not order this part. If you do feel resistance it will cause this actuator and any other actuator to fail. ***THIS CANNOT BE RETURNED*** IF YOU HAVE CODE P226C, THIS WILL NOT FIX THE PROBLEM.


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Excellent! Amazing part and service.
Dec 26, 2019  |  By Michael Robinson
After getting codes P003A, P00AF, and U010C. Lost communication with Turbocharger, I nailed it down to the actuator failing which is common for this truck. Don't even bother getting another ticking timebomb holset actuator, go with City Diesel instead. This part was shipped to my door fast by Genos and even had a personal email letting me know it is on it's way. It was easy to install and contacting City Diesel with questions, they quickly responded with email, text, and calls and helped me to get my truck running right. Save yourself the headache, time, money and order this part that the company City Diesel stands behind to get it right.

Works great!!!
Mar 12, 2020  |  By JAMES JOHNSON
Purchased this item about three months ago. It has worked flawlessly, Stock product had been rebuilt by so jackleg outfit in Florida and had problems the week after replacement. You can't go wrong with this Actuator, it is also built great. Can't say it enough, Works as advertised!!!!

Excellent product
Oct 7, 2020  |  By Jim Brewer
I wrote up a review on the TDR forum. Read it here - https://www.turbodieselregister.com/threads/city-diesel-genos-turbo-actuator-replacement-wow.270032/

Oct 30, 2020  |  By Dan Ulrich
I just had this accuator installed on my '14 2500 Ram Outdoorsman. I had been having turbo problems off and on for the past three years. This time was the worst. I took it to my mechanic (not the dealer) and diagnosed it to the actuator. The dealer wants $9000 for a new turbo and around $4000 for an actuator. I found Genos through a youtube video and asked my mechanic what he thought. His comment was 'Let's give it a try, can't hurt. Well, it works like a charm. A smooth acceleration curve all the way up and no lag either. I would recommend this product to anyone. Well worth the price.

Great Product and Support
Apr 3, 2021  |  By Peter Ferrara
After diagnosing the Actuator as the problem with my truck, I found this one that did not need to be calibrated with the truck. It was easy to Install (after watching the video and speaking to someone at Geno's when I placed the order) and actually solved the coolant leak that I could not find. The truck now runs better than it has in a long time. The acceleration is very smooth with no lag any more. And The engine brake works all the time now and much stronger than before. The MIL cleared itself after 3 cold starts. I highly recommend this actuator.

Fit my 14 ram 3500 cab and chassis
May 22, 2021  |  By Gavin Connin
After having my check engine light, low power and exhaust brake being an issue this part fixed it. The power it has now is much better and having towed a trailer loaded to around 12k right after installation the exhaust brake was nice and strong again. Its a very simple install total about 2 hours start to finish.

Thank you
Jun 8, 2021  |  By Ken Campbell
Hello and thank you to all of the staff at Geno's Garage! I recently purchased a turbo actuator upgrade kit from you for my 2014 RAM 3500 6.7 L Cummins. When the check engine light came on, I had the dealership diagnose the problem. They also gave me a quote to replace the actuator and do a coolant flush and replace with new coolant: Parts and labour, $6,700.00 CDN. I do as much of my own mechanical work as possible, so I chose to research an alternative option. I read a lot of information about the City Diesel Actuator, and it sounded like it was a great option for me. Not to mention an upgrade from the OEM part. I ordered the part from you on March 24, 2021, received confirmation, but was then told it would be on backorder. In the end, the part was shipped to me exactly when you said it would be, was easy to track, and arrived at my door six weeks after it was ordered, as estimated. I was very happy with the care that was taken in packaging for shipping. While awaiting the delivery I watched the installation video from David the Motor City Mechanic (very helpful). My installation went smoothly and easily and the part performs flawlessly. So to sum things up, even after duties, additional taxes, shipping and exchange, I was able to save over $5,200.00 CDN. I also had the satisfaction of knowing the job was done properly without being rushed through at a shop for the purpose of making as much money as possible off a customer. Thank you again for the help, the great product, and for your exceptional service.

Turbo Actuator for my 2015 Ram 2500
Jun 23, 2021  |  By Johnny Turbo
Let me start out by saying THANK YOU Geno's Garage! Yes the item has been back ordered, yes it did take 2 weeks or so for it to ship, BUT I will tell you this. It was WELL worth the wait. 1st off this turbo actuator looks fantastic, top notch build quality (to bad its so deep in the engine bay, you can't really see it. But I know it's there), easy install IF you have a ratcheting 1/4 inch wrench. They send you the Allen key needed to fit the new bolts, but the bottom left one is A PITA! with out the wrench. The Allen bit they send fits in the wrench but MAKE SURE it's a ratcheting wrench due to tight fit. The other 3 are pretty easy to get two with a 1/4 inch socket, you can put their allen key bit in and a small ratchet. I had the P003a code like many of you I'm sure. After I installed it and topped off the coolant, I took it for a test drive. IT WORKED GREAT, honestly it feels a lot more responsive then I remember. After 5 minutes of driving the engine light went out. I could not be happier. Feels good to have my truck back on the road.

Support Genos
Aug 22, 2021  |  By Steve Hendricks
Awesome I didn't know my pickup could run so good. You won't find this part any cheaper anywhere. I can't say enough about Genos (Scot) they know there stuff and they go out of there way to help you. I have 684000 miles on my 2016 3500 and this is the best it has ever ran. I would give them 10 stars if I could

Worked great
Sep 28, 2021  |  By Brayden
Actuator was on backorder due to the whole world being crazy right now. But I got it a week before it was supposed to, and it arrived a day early (shipping wise). Got it installed in about 2 hours(took my time) and so far it's fantastic. I was pretty nervous with such an expensive purchase but yet this was not only the cheapest option I could find but also the best you can get in my opinion. Upgraded everything everything NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED.... hopefully I don't have to but I would buy again if needed.

Worth it
Mar 15, 2022  |  By Matt
Installed on a '14. Its been 8 years since I purchased the truck new and i've long forgotten how the turbo responded new but after installing this turbo actuator, holy cow. Fuel economy is back, exhaust brake works again, and the truck accelerates hard. I am now having to retrain my foot. If you have the code others have mentioned, then give this a go. Shipping was pretty quick even though it was saying backordered. Install was a breeze. I feel like my truck is new again honestly. Bonus, now that I don't have a check engine light for the first time in several years, I can remote start my truck again and I swear the exhaust brake works much better. In tow/haul with a little brake pressure the exhaust brake will damn near make the car behind you hit you.

Worth the money
Apr 14, 2022  |  By Andrew Green
I replaced my OEM actuator with another OEM that didnt even last a full year due to my exlynk tune. I got Genos actuator and right away I could tell a difference in the responsiveness and performance of the truck! Highly recommend and will continue to buy future parts from Genos!

Worth the $$$
May 4, 2022  |  By Chris
I had my check engine light come on, and pulled the dreaded code P003A. SO drove it around for like 3 months, and asked shops if they could check the actuator and it was like $200 and leave the truck for a day or 2. Then found that if I buy one online then I had to pay like $200-300 for a recalibration on it. Did some more research and read reviews like this one, and bit the bullet and bought this one from Genos Garage. Thank god, easy install and didnt have to recalibrate simple plug and play. Bam no check engine light, didnt even have to clear codes. Truck runs better than ever before especially with my ezlink tuner! Thank you Genos Garage for great customer service and fast shipping!!! I'd give 10 stars if there was more than 5.
Owner Response:Thank you for taking the time to review this product. Proper diagnostics and installation leads to happy customers like above, but please keep in mind that the best actuator on the market will not and can not fix a turbo that is not working properly.

Money well spent!
Aug 5, 2022  |  By Matt W
I had two shops only wanted to replace entire turbo rather than just the actuator( wanted me to spend $6000 to fix a $1000 problem). Great instructions, great video reference and an awesome actuator. Easy to do, take your time and follow the directions, you'll be glad you did!

Solid Product 16 Ram
Aug 24, 2022  |  By Jesse Walz
Was nervous on this one for a 16 Ram w/ 70k miles. Repeatedly P003A and P00AF. Install was quick and easy install on my own, self calibration did its thing all by itself and I haven't seen the code return. Never trust the dealer service department!

Dec 22, 2022  |  By Jim
Genos is the BOMB! They carry the parts we need to keep our trucks going strong. Had the dreaded U0010C and P0003A codes start showing up a couple months back! Finally ordered and with on B/O, fingers crossed that I get before the holidays arrived. Wish was granted! UPS delivered it to me on a Saturday, Started the repair next morning. Would have been able to finish same day but also was replacing hoses and had one that was right shape, hose ends were reversed (not from Genos). Found one locally that I could cut shape from. Got the repair buttoned up, Started truck and NO CEL! So far with just some local travels, feels like a different truck! Throttle is smoother and more responsive! EB doesn't throw you through the windshield but ramps right up there! Just a lot smoother on both sides! Thank you Genos and Thank you City Diesel for such a great replacement part!

DRAMATIC Difference
Feb 9, 2023  |  By Dave Rogers
2015 RAM 3500 Dually with 6459 hours on the clock. CEL came on about 3 months ago, with code U010C. After clearing code, it can be back every 2nd/3rd start up, disabling remote start function. After reading/researching possible solutions short of replacing the turbo actuator, I decided to go ahead with the City Diesel actuator from Geno's. I HAD NOT REALIZED how degraded overall performance had become as the original actuator/sensor was failing! Replacement was straightforward (inconvenient for someone with big hands, but definitely "doable!"), and the truck now drives and responds as it did when new! With right at 200,000 in the odometer, this sure beats paying the dealer's inflated price for a part destined to fail again in a few years. What a DRAMATIC difference this makes! Geno's has never let me down!

Turbo Actuator
Feb 17, 2023  |  By Keith A Cryer
Geno's is top notch! First time to order from them and of course it was on back order. It arrived well ahead of schedule. Looks like excellent quality! Install was a breeze, it fit perfectly.

2014 Ram 2500
Mar 6, 2023  |  By Ben Turner
OUTSTANDING! I had been having a pesky check engine light for a while and finally got a scan tool and discovered the actuator was going south. After a bit of research and learning what a dealership would charge for replacement process, I turned to YouTube. Found this product as a recommendation and eventually ordered it. A friend and I installed it ourselves.... Slow but very simple process.... And the results are AWESOME. Much better turbo response than before and I am glad I made the decision to do this. You won't be disappointed.

Top notch customer service
Mar 18, 2023  |  By Mike Crandall
I ordered the '13-21 turbo actuator for my 14 Ram 2500. The actuator works flawlessly and the truck is way more responsive than when it was new. The customer service at Genos is top notch too, answered all my questions to include explaining the process of changing the part and the instructions they included are well written and someone that is not as knowledgeable turning wrenches could easily read and understand how to install it. Will definitely order from them again.

2016 Ram 6.7 actuator
May 8, 2023  |  By Anthony G.
Your easy to follow directions and a very informative video made this task not so difficult. Thank you.

Turbo actuator
Aug 16, 2023  |  By Vincent
Buy it super easy install worked as advertised no issues

Better than before
Aug 20, 2023  |  By Travis Glamuzina
This actuator makes the truck run so much better. It even shifts amoother as a result of the better throttle response. If your in need of a new actuator and you turbo is freely moving, get it.Genos for the win again.

13 Ram
Aug 29, 2023  |  By Blaine Suing
Best purchase I have made. The process was super simple. It took longer to drain the coolant than it did to replace the actuator.

So far so good
Sep 5, 2023  |  By James M Brevigleiri
Purchased this Mainly because it was self-adjusting, I'm usually ONLY an OEM guy. So far so good! Worked as designed but I really didn't notice ANY performance increase. You'll see people stating if has a better throttler response etc, I just haven't noticed anything like that. Hoping it will last like OEM! FYI - Fix my code U010C issue.


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