Item #: CM-ACT12C1
*Backordered: 1/31/2021
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This part is non-returnable once product box is opened. It is your responsibility to properly diagnose a turbo problem before ordering. Improper installation can and will damage the turbocharger.

**Product ships with a blue Security Seal on the outside of the part box. If this seal is broken or tampered with, the product is non-returnable.**

With the Variable Geometry Technology (VGT) turbocharger in the '07.5-'12 Ram Turbo Diesel trucks, everything changed when it came to servicing it. To work on it you needed training, expensive tools and you couldn't test the actuator, so as a DIY-er truck owner you were left with replacing the turbo which is expensive.

City Diesel worked to fix this. Step one was to develop an actuator tester that anyone could use. Shortly after they released it, more affordable rebuilt turbochargers started showing up. However, there was still a problem because the actuator has to be calibrated to the turbocharger and you were not able to simply replace an actuator. This means you either have to pay a fee to get the actuator calibrated at a shop that has the correct equipment (average price $200) or buy the entire turbocharger even if the actuator was the only problem.

The cost-effective solution: the creation of a new actuator. It is what we call a half-shell: you replace all the electronics, including the circuit board and motor, and reusing the half of your actuator that only contains gears (the "gearbox"). There is no calibration required and no complicated installation. Again, what this means to you is that you have a viable, cost-effective option for replacing your actuator when you have a problem.

  • Cost effective solution - no need to replace entire turbo.
  • No need for expensive tools or a trip to the dealership calibration.
  • It wipes the vanes/self-testing on every key cycle, preventing soot and carbon buildup.
  • The actuator motor has almost twice the torque: This makes it more difficult for the vanes to freeze up and gives you faster throttle response.
  • The actuator was designed from the beginning to work well with EFI-live aftermarket tuners.
  • Replacement actuator to turbo mounting gaskets included.
Before you buy, check to make sure the gear that the actuator moves on the turbo is free. If this cannot be easily moved by hand, you will need to replace the turbo. ***THIS CANNOT BE RETURNED*** IF YOU HAVE CODE P226C, THIS WILL NOT FIX THE PROBLEM.

  • Drain the coolant
  • Remove the four 5mm Allen-head bolts holding the actuator to the turbo.
  • Check the turbo actuator gear lever that was under the actuator. It should be able to easily be moved full travel by hand. (Full travel is approximately 1 inch). We then suggest slamming the vanes against each stop. This is done to make sure that when the vanes are pushed to the extreme ends of their travel, they do not stick. If the actuator lever cannot be moved easily by hand or resistance is found when slammed at either end of its fullest travel, the turbo must be replaced.
  • Separate the actuator shell by removing the 4 torx bit screws holding it together.
  • Join our actuator to your gearbox with the included screws. (It is very important that the turbo be completely dry before installing the new actuator.If not, and the circuit board is fried, we WILL void the warranty)
  • Bolt the assembly back on to your turbo with the included new 5mm Allen-head bolts.
  • Replace the coolant.


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Like the other guy said
May 25, 2020  |  By Eric Tegethoff
I bought a problem truck with an unknown delete tune and my faults changed from a lift pump and baro sensor to turbo control actuator and fuel actuator faults when I updated the tune. Made no sense. The turbo and actuator looked recent So I was hesitant to drop the money on this. But after reading the other review it encouraged me I may have the same issue he had. I pulled the actuator to check the turbo I was moving freely and ordered this up. I replaced this and my fuel actuator. Fixed me right up. Now all I have left to fix is a battery temp sensor fault and get a DPF on it for inspection. This diesel emissions stuff is for the birds.

A lifesaver
Nov 23, 2019  |  By Rey Ito
This product works exactly as advertised. A couple of months ago, I replaced a seized turbo on my 2008 3500 6.7. From day one, exhaust brake did not work and it randomly stalled. I traced the problem to a defective or uncalibrated actuator preinstalled on the replacement reman turbo. Final straw was when I stalled and could not get the engine above 1000 rpm without it blowing smoke. DPF and all EPA mandated equipment is still intact. I placed my order and was notified that it would be on backorder until November 26. It got here sooner than that. November 22, to be exact. The new actuator comes with all necessary screws and seals. Coolant was drained. Failed actuator removed. New one assembled to the old housing. Coolant replaced. Check engine light cleared and I started it up and got it to operating temperature. No check engine lights or faults. I have the ALFAOBD scanner. Old actuator was locked at 80% closed. New started at 60% and varied dependent on load and engine speed. I did not have to use the Calibrate VGT function on my scanner. I highly recommend this turbo actuator if your existing one has failed and the turbo does not have the moving vane ring seized. Thanks Geno's for offering an alternative to a turbo replacement. A turbo replacement is a lot of money and either 4 hours or more shop time to replace. I did it myself once and it took longer than 4 hours without lifts and engine hoists. Dealer took a week including the time to get the turbo. Utilizing the upgraded actuator was one of the simplest and quickest repairs I have done to date.

Install and Tech Information

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