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MOPAR DEF INJECTOR FOR 2013-2018 RAM TURBO DIESEL TRUCKS (2500/3500/4500/5500)

*** Special Sale Price! Available at This Price Only While Supplies Last***

At Geno's Garage and the Turbo Diesel Register we've seen and written about problems with the truck's diesel emissions fluid (DEF) system. From these articles the majority of problems were caused by a clogged DEF injector. The message that shows on your dashboard, "Service DEF System See Dealer"

Ouch, is this going to be inconvenient and expensive?

Maybe not. Here are your options:

1) Self explanatory "See Dealer." Bring lots of money with you.
2) Remove, clean and replace the DEF injector as described in the TDR magazine(s).
3) Remove and replace the DEF injector (Mopar #4627241AE).

In the past, the only cost-effective option for the DIY-owner was Option #2.

With this special sale price, the Mopar injector is offered at a terrific price ($99.95) versus the suggested price of $253.95). This makes Option #3 (we call it the Boy Scout/Be Prepared option) your best choice.

Plan of Action
Seriously, be prepared. Read the articles.
Replacement is very simple - two 10mm bolts hold the injector in place and Geno's Garage is even including the bolts for free with this DEF Injector special sale.
Select Option #3 and have a spare ready for service.

Has the DEF injector in your 2013-2018 Ram Turbo Diesel 2500/3500/4500/5500 truck gotten plugged up or is it broken? Replace it with this Mopar OEM part and get your truck's DEF system functioning 100% again.

Replacement gasket already installed.

Replacement bolts included.

NOTE: Before you replace the DEF injector, please take a look at the two articles from the TDR in the Install and Tech Information tab.

Genuine Mopar Part Number 4627241

Install and Tech Information

Download DEF Injector Tech.pdf
Download DEF Injector Replacement Article.pdf