24" HEAVY DUTY SCRUBBLADE WINDSHIELD WIPER ('03-'09, 2500/3500 & '19 - '22, 1500) *SOLD INDIVIDUALLY*

Item #: SB2400
Buy 2 or more for $18.00 each
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We're always on the lookout for products that represent the best value for your money. At the 2017 SEMA Show we discovered the Scrubblade Platinum windshield wiper blades.

We asked, "A rubber wiper blade is a rubber wiper blade, right?" As it turns out (a long story), rubber compounds greatly differ and you get what you pay for. With a closer look we noticed the Scrubblade's dual blades, the patented scrub pattern and scrub "nibs." These are three features that make these wiper blades worthy of your attention.

The SCRUBBLADE provides superior scrubbing, removing rain and road debris simultaneously. Its nano coating ensures quiet, smooth wipes and extends blade longevity.

Finally, the Scrubblade is competitively priced. So: premium rubber + great design + good price = best value.

Sold individually.

24" blade fits:

  • '19-'22, 1500 (NOT 2019 1500 Classic)
  • '03-'09, 2500/3500
  • '03-'10, Chassis/Cab
  • '02-'08, 1500


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Gets rid of the state bird
Aug 21, 2018  |  By Davis
boy if you drive through the south or in florida they will take all those darn bugs off way quicker than the rainx ones

Does not work as Advertised
Aug 17, 2018  |  By Greg Stein
It Says that they will remove bird poop and bugs, it does exactly like any other wiper blade and smears it across the windshield. I haven't tried it in rain.

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