MAP SENSOR - CUMMINS ('01-'02, 5.9L)

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Cummins MAP sensor for the '01-'02 Dodge Cummins truck with the 5.9L 24V engine. This sensor has an oval wiring harness connector.

You'll find the MAP sensor located in the intake manifold next to cylinder #5. To replace it you simply unplug the wire running to it, unscrew it to remove it, screw the new sensor into the manifold and plug it back in.

NOTE: '02 trucks require the 3104228 MAP sensor wiring harness below.

Replaces Cummins 3417030 and Mopar 5017791AA, 5083365AD


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5.9 MAP sensor
Sep 22, 2018  |  By Shawn Jenkins
originally ordered from ABC locally. Wrong part was sent. Ordered from Geno's. 1/2 the price and an original cummins part. Replacement was easy with the correct part. Thanks!!!

#1 spot
Jan 4, 2018  |  By Clint Frost
Fast shipping customer service top notch

Sep 30, 2017  |  By Joshua
Received quick

It's a MAP sensor
Dec 27, 2016  |  By Caleb
Working so far, I have power again. Came in a Cummins box and was much more affordable than other places. It replaced the $12 cheapy I tried out.

Great service, perfect part.
Dec 4, 2016  |  By Joe K.
My 2001 Ram Cummins was running rough. I checked all normal items: fuel filter, air filter, lift pump, injectors, etc... all were good. Truck was tossing no codes, just running poor. Started great, idled great, just poor when driving. A friend mechanic suggested that the MAP sensor may be going bad, but not yet throwing a code. The original had 247,000 miles. I ordered one from Geno's over the phone and had it in 2 days.Took 10 minutes to change it out and the truck is running like new. I got a genuine Cummins MAP sensor from Geno's for 1/2 the price of an after market one at my local parts store. I also get all my filters here. Oh, little tip here, you'll need a 1 1/4 inch deep socket to remove the original sensor and a 1 1/16 inch deep socket to install the new one, they are different sizes.

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