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The most common problem when a APPS sensor is failing is a "Dead Pedal." You will be driving down the road and hit the accelerator and NOTHING will happen. Your truck will not go. The most common codes associated with this problem are the 0121, 0122, 222 and 223. Another issue is a surging or a bucking and this oftentimes will not throw any codes.

This is an aftermarket (TIMBO) throttle position sensor for '98.5-'04 Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel trucks and is not a factory-style replacement. This TPS is not application specific and works on trucks equipped with either a manual or automatic transmission.

You will reuse the original bell-crank plate that the throttle linkage attaches to with the one we carry. Only the sensor is replaced, and calibrated to a specific voltage range. It has proven to be a quality part that our customers have been happy with.

Detailed instructions are included that explain how to install and calibrate the throttle position sensor.

*Does not work on trucks with the APPS installed under the driver's side battery.

*Does not work on trucks with the Banks exhaust brake installed.

NOTE: If this part has been installed on your truck it is non-returnable.


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Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor
Sep 30, 2016  |  By Marc Espin
My 1998 Dodge Ram 24v Cummins had the "Dead Pedal" syndrome (error code P0121). The new APPS sensor arrived within a few days, installed easily and solved my problem. Very happy!

So far, so good.
Nov 29, 2016  |  By Justin
So far I'm pretty happy with this TPS sensor. It has taken care of my issue of the dead pedal. I've had it on for about a week now and its working great.

Dec 12, 2016  |  By Rex
Easy install good instructions

Dec 23, 2016  |  By LEONARD
Great product, no issues. Truck runs much better

timbo apps
Dec 24, 2016  |  By Michael
Made my truck run like a new one. Very easy install and calibration.

Feb 1, 2017  |  By Harold Hearon
Works great! Needed no adj. Runs like new.

Great service
Feb 10, 2017  |  By Danny Estep
Best customer service and great part!

Great product
Feb 27, 2017  |  By Scott Bertsch
Easy install and just works.

Throttle sensor
Mar 10, 2017  |  By Ed
Lowest price l found anywhere. Quick delivery and was exactly the part l needed

Mar 14, 2017  |  By Scott
The part fixed the problem and the instructions we great

Good solution
Apr 3, 2017  |  By Andy Harman
The APPS was easy to install according to the instructions. Only took me about 20 minutes, and that includes finding the tools. Has solved the check engine light throwing codes.

Dodge APPS
Apr 10, 2017  |  By Vaudra Nunley
I had a check engine light on along with the "dead pedal" in my 01 24V. Order a new sensor from Geno's and it fixes my problem. Great price and great installation instructions

Jun 11, 2017  |  By Jim Howard
Great product, fast shipping

All around GREAT
Jul 2, 2017  |  By Sam
Installing this sensor fixed my P0122 and P0121 codes on my 02 Cummins. Easy installation thanks to the foolproof instructions. Fast and reasonably priced shipping to my house in Canada. They threw in 2 free stickers, some jelly beans, a catalogue and have an excellent service staff to call any time. It's impossible to find quality matched with service and low prices like this in Canada. I will now be using Geno's Garage for all my parts and recommending to all my friends.

Aug 6, 2017  |  By Matthew
It worked as desired.

APPS sensor
Aug 28, 2017  |  By Mike
Easy install. Instructions were clear, no problem installing fixed problem with the trucks "dead pedal"

Worked great
Sep 12, 2017  |  By Ryan
Solved my surging throttle problem, ive put a few hundred miles on so far no problems.

Works perfectly.
Oct 24, 2017  |  By James Gaar
Recommended by your regular client Charlie McCoy. He installed it right out of the box, did the calibration and BAM I'm back on the road.

Dodge Ram APPS
Oct 25, 2017  |  By Dave Rosentreter
Part was in stock. Easy to order. Price was fair. All instructions were correct for the install. Wish they had a Canadian store.

Works perfectly
Nov 25, 2017  |  By Coby
Install and calibration took 20 minutes total. Directions are simple and easy to follow. Truck drives smoother than ever before.

APPS TPS replacement
Jan 22, 2018  |  By William Collister
Been on my 1999 2500 for about 5 years without a hiccup.

APPS Replacement
Apr 1, 2018  |  By John Peterson
My original APPS logged 289,000 miles. This replacement is easy to install with good instructions provided. There is a noticeable improvement in throttle response.

May 18, 2018  |  By Max
The instructions with the tps were easy to follow and the install was easier than I thought it would be.

Quick, easy repair
May 19, 2018  |  By Bill Caver
With Genos instruction sheet and their you tube video, the installation was a snap! The part fit perfectly, and best of all, fixed the "dead throttle" issue I was having with my '99 quad cab. As always, quick shipping, attention to details, and everything needed to install and calibrate the unit. And when I say everything, I mean everything, including the paper clip needed during the test/calibration!

04 dodge 3500 cummins
Jan 22, 2019  |  By Mark
Works great just installed it today so fare so good seems to have way better throttle response

Work great
Jul 19, 2019  |  By Grady
Fixed my dead pedal issue

Timbo APPS
Sep 25, 2020  |  By Bill Hollinger
Fantastic product! Easy install and adjusting. Could not be happier! This new APPS also fixed another issue I had. My cruise control used to hunt and create a Slinky effect by over throttling then under throttling. It is smooth as glass now! Bravo Timbo!!!

Nov 17, 2020  |  By forest white
it was easy to install but my dead pedal came back after about 3 months of having it

Quick and Easy
Jan 2, 2021  |  By Kevin
Took less than 30 minutes to install and calibrate. Took care of my PO121 code.

temporary fix
Oct 21, 2022  |  By Mike
installed nicely calibrated quick, only lasted 2 years back to the 45mph trans surge.
Owner Response:Please keep in mind that many things will contribute to your drivability issue. We suggest that you clean all your grounds. Not just at the batteries, but also the other end of the cables at the frame, engine block, fender, firewall and anywhere else you see a ground. Depending on the year of the truck, you may also find 2 grey electrical connectors just behind the passenger side battery. Cut these grey connectors out and make a clean solder or butt splice connector in the place of the grey connectors. Please call us with any questions.

throttle position sensor replace
Apr 3, 2023  |  By john calhoun
April 3 2023| By John Calhoun My 2001 Dodge Ram 24v Cummins had the "Dead Pedal" syndrome (error code P0121). The new APPS sensor arrived within a week I installed it easily and it solved my problem. for 5 1/2 years then it started messing up. It would idel at 1200 rpms and I would adjust it with the switch and gas pedal but every morning I would have to reset it. Called Geno's and they said it had a 5 year warranty so will have to buy a new one again. This time I will go where they have a lifetime warranty, to pricey to buy on every 5 years. Was happy when it worked!

Jul 10, 2023  |  By jerry weaver
Have this TPS on my 01 Dodge for 26 months no issues.

Works as it Should
Jul 15, 2023  |  By Craig
I installed this APPS sensor several years ago now can't remember the exact number, I can and will say that for as long as its been installed it has preformed flawlessly and operates as it should. I'm 100% satisfied with this purchase and will say that this is one part that you do not want to cheap out on. I highly recommend using this APPS sensor if yours needs replacing.

Worth the buy
Oct 19, 2023  |  By Michael Lavender
My 01 cummins has had a surge/erratic throttling response at highway speeds light throttle or low speeds light throttle. After checking what felt like a fueling problem (worried it was my VP44) ended up being a dealer APPS. This part after installing completely fixed my problem and this has been the smoothest throttle handling ever. My troubleshooting using a scanner showed my old APPS randomly jumping around, found the center hub had lot of play. This part is solid and looks to last. Lastly, thanks to Ms. Tina and Robin for tracking my package when it showed delivered but wasn't. Great customer service.

Install and Tech Information

Download the installation instructions.pdf. (1.0 meg)