CONDENSER GUARD ('10-'12, 6.7L)

Item #: WD_COND_GR_10
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The air conditioning condenser on the '10-'12 Dodge Ram has no protection as it comes from the factory and may be subject to costly damage from road debris. The Condenser Guard addresses this by covering the condenser in full with a 16-gauge guard with 1/2" perforated holes for maximum air flow.

The condenser guard is black powdercoated and has a U-shaped lip that covers the top of the air conditioning condenser's fins to keep them from being bent.

Installation of a Condenser Guard on the '10-'12 trucks requires the truck's grille to be removed. Instructions are included detailing the installation process. While you have the grille removed, you might want to add our Quick Grille Release Kit so future grille removal is quick and easy.

Includes 24" x 24" nylon mesh bug screen.

Take a look at the Quick Grille Release Kit below. Our Quick Grille Release Kit makes gaining access to the A/C condenser area of the '10-'12 Dodge Ram trucks much easier after it is installed. Unlike the '89-'09 Dodge Ram trucks where the front grille is attached to the hood, the grille on the '10-'12 Dodge Ram trucks is attached to the front core support. This has made getting access to the condenser area a lot more difficult as the grille has to be removed to do this.


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Bug screen
Apr 26, 2017  |  By Martin
Nice, easy to install!!!

Condenser guard
Dec 11, 2017  |  By SteveO
Well made and good fit. Only suggestion would be to add a few more zip ties to secure it well. Be this is a worthwhile addition, I know first hand taking a rock to my condenser. This part from a dealer is around 500.00.

Install and Tech Information

Condenser Guard Instructions.pdf