Seat Cushions


2017 TDR Calendar - February
The photograph featured for the month of February in the 2017 TDR Calendar was taken by TDR member Doug Van Veen of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For those state-side, just go north from Montana's U.S. border and you'll find Calgary.

Doug's truck is a 2004.5 Turbo Diesel with the High Output engine. Doug uses the truck to pull a 27' R Vision Trail Sport travel trailer. His truck has only 70,000 miles on the odometer as he keeps it parked in the winter months.

The photograph used in the calendar was taken during a camping trip during the Labor Day weekend in British Columbia about four hours away from home. So, if you really need a reminder that it is February, just imagine lots of snow in the background.

February, is it cold yet?

Our Geno's Garage special for February features a Rostra seat heater and a new Geno's Garage seat bottom cushion for $160 (normally $183 if purchased separately). We now have cushions for '94-'09 trucks. So, give a look at your seat and use this special pricing to give your seat a make-over.

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