CAB FRESH FILTER KIT ('10-'18, 2500/3500/4500/5500 & '09-'18, 1500)

Item #: CFF-DG-19009K
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Had enough of the dirt and odors getting into the cab of your '10-'18 Dodge Ram truck? Get the Cab Fresh dual interior air filter kit and breath better air. We can tell you that the diesel exhaust smell is greatly diminished.

  • Removes 97% of all Diesel Soot, Dust and Dirt
  • Reduces odors by 76%
  • Helps reduce the clogging of fans, heater and air conditoning cores
  • Filters are 100% guaranteed
  • Glossy black finish
Easy to install. The dual interior air filter kit fits over the factory vents and is held in place with self tapping Phillips head screws.

2010 - 2018 Ram 2500/3500/4500/5500
2009 - 2018 Ram 1500 2019 - 2020 Ram 1500 Classic


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Not bad. a bit pricey
Apr 8, 2016  |  By Steven Alan Whitaker
bought this as i was not to comfortable doing the cabin air filter mod on my 2014 crew cab ram. comes with 2 plastic housing, 1 for the driver side and 1 for the passenger side. matching filters as well. 2 sets of screws. black and stainless steel. nothing fancy but better than nothing, which unfortunately, is what our Rams are stock. pretty straight forward installation. took about 20 mins. just 4 screw per side. fitment is pretty good. probably could put a couple more screws just to get the edges a bit more flush. was worried about the blue colored filter showing, but it is a non issue. the hood hides it completely. But if it bothers that much, the filters are just 2 separate filters held together by a couple of plastic tabs. they could be reversed to put the black filter facing out. Not sure if this would diminish the effectiveness of the filters or not. cant see how it would. Mine came with the stock black screws and some stainless steel ones. Kudos to the company for recognizing the black screws will rust eventually. Will update late on filters effectiveness and durability of the product.

Cab Fresh Filter Kit
Mar 28, 2017  |  By George
Instructions are spot on!. Used a Dremel oscillating tool. Within a few minutes I was finished. Prefect fit and great product!

Truck filter
Jun 21, 2017  |  By Thomas Brawley
Filter fit perfect

cab filter
Jun 27, 2017  |  By Arnold
Filters excellent ,now when I pass a vineyard that's being sprayed with Sulphur ,I don't get that smell in the cab.

Cab Fresh Filter
Aug 28, 2017  |  By Stan Beacon
Saw this product on the web site and noted that it is not available in Canada. Installation was a bit awkward as the filter needs to be held down in place prior to securing it to the truck cowling. Time will tell on the effectiveness of the product. Overall it can only help the air quality inside the truck.

Aug 29, 2017  |  By David Turner
Great service!!!!

Install cabin retro filter kit underhood fil
Sep 8, 2017  |  By Ron
Simple installation, well worth the cost, replaced ac evaporator core ,clogged with dirt, due to no filters.

Sep 10, 2017  |  By BLAINE SLAUGHTER
Product fits well. Seems to cut down on dust also exhaust fumes from other vehicles.

Sep 10, 2017  |  By BLAINE SLAUGHTER
Product fits well. Seems to cut down on dust also exhaust fumes from other vehicles.

Cab Fresh Filter Kit Review
Nov 4, 2017  |  By Juan
I love this thing, very easy install. We would drive by road kill and not a stench would come into the cab. A couple of things I modified with the kit. I thought the kit would be all metal but since it was shiny black plastic and attractive to finger grease and dirt, i shot a couple coats of bedliner to give it a textured look and it looks alot better. The kit also didn't come with any washers to protect the pre-drilled holes, i had rubber washers laying around so it was put to use in conjunction with the updated stainless steel screws that came with it. Truly one of a kind kit and a must have for those long haulers and country folk.

Easy Install
Jan 9, 2020  |  By Dave DWyer
Very easy install. I did notice the rubbing that is referenced in the instructions, so in addition to some spray lubricant, I also put a couple pieces of tape on the hood to hopefully avoid any wearing of the paint. Time will tell if I notice any difference about the interior air quality, but I don't see how this would hurt. Installed on Ram 2500 SLT w/ 6.7L

Works: fit not ideal
Mar 8, 2020  |  By Glenn Timme
I received this as a benefit from my TDR Calendar Submission (Hoover Dam RAMS). This product works as advertised and in my humble opinion could fit better in order to reduce paint removal from hood/filter interference. Recently installed replacement filters: I live in the Southern Nevada Desert and this product works as advertised. I recommend to anybody who cares about cabin air quality... GT

Not bad
May 20, 2023  |  By Kyle Wendt
Install was straight forward and fitment was alright. They come a gloss black and don't match the cowling color. I ended up sanding them down and painted with a bumper and trim paint to match. Drivers side fit pretty well, although the passenger side did not. Ended up cutting some of the lower portion off to make it fit correctly. Overall I would buy it again, but think fitment could be better.

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