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Many owners are concerned with fuel filtration and are wanting to add fuel filters that offer protection as fine as 2 microns. Finer filtration requires a higher capacity fuel transfer pump - a task that the factory transfer pump is not designed to do. This forces the concerned owner to source an aftermarket transfer pump and filter system.

We've had great success with the FASS pump-only units, so it was a natural progression to add their pump and filter systems.

The Titanium Signature Series diesel fuel system Featuring there Revolutionary Whisper Technology is the Quietest System to date. A compact design with a very powerful motor. Manufactured to hold up to the most extreme conditions, our Titanium Signature Series system utilizes a motor that is capable of flow rates up to 100 gallons per hour and is durable enough that we back it with our Limited Lifetime Warranty on all light duty diesel applications. In addition to improved fuel flow, the FASS Titanium Signature Series lift pumps offer an advanced filtration method for your diesel fuel. Removing water, air and vapor in addition to debris with a filtration rating of 2 micron, far superior over your factory fuel filter. The added filtration will help improve your engines idle and extend the life of the injectors and injection pump.

Will not work on trucks with in-tank fuel pumps conversions.

This kit includes what you'll need for installation:

  • Preset 16-18 PSI fuel pressure
  • 1/2" fittings, 1/2" fuel line
  • Wiring harness
  • Quick install bolt-on frame mounting bracket
NOTE: If your truck has been retrofitted with an in-tank fuel pump, you need to purchase #TS-D07-100G.

WARRANTY INFORMATION: For the Lifetime Warranty to be in force, please fill out the "PRODUCT REGISTRATION FORM" included with your order, attach a copy of the sales receipt, and return this information directly to the manufacturer. FASS requires this information be returned within 30 days of the purchase, or the Lifetime Warranty will not be valid.


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Awesome Upgrade
May 14, 2019  |  By David Rollins
Lift pump makes a huge improvement in performance and idle over the factory Carter lift pump. Factory pumps are noisy and prone to failure. FASS is quieter, reliable, and improves the quality of the fuel and pressure going to the injection pump. After install, I could tell an immediate improvement in idle and pedal responsiveness. On the road, the power performance is better both at low end RPM and very notable with take off ability after 2000 RMP. The old Carter pump acted like a governor preventing any performance of the engine beyond 2000 RPM. Look at FASS website for information about elimination of air in the fuel as I believe this is a big part of the improvement as well as maintaining around 15psi of pressure to injection pump. Carter was starving the injection pump and would likely reduce the life of the injection pump. FASS seems like a great solution to not only improve performance but the life of the expensive injection pump and injectors. Lifetime warranty too if you buy from an authorized dealer like Geno's and register the serial number with FASS. Installation is not extremely difficult, but I will note that plugging off the old fuel supply line to the Carter pump was a bit troublesome at first. The old line is hard plastic at the tank so I had no luck plugging it off inserting a plug and using hose clamps. Finally, I looked up front at the Carter pump input and found a rubber hose connected to metal tubing. Removed the rubber hose from the metal tubing and was easily able to seal off using a 4" long bolt and hose clamps. The other difficult task was removing the 18mm bolt from the bed to mount the unit. I had to use 3/4" ratchet and lots of persistence. If you have an air impact gun with ample compressor you will probably have no problems. Also, note that fuse connection to "ignition run" did not work for me as the pump ran all the time even when off. I ended up using the cigarette lighter fuse as it is associated with ignition run as well. Good luck with the install. Highly recommended upgrade for anyone serious about owning a Cummins truck for many years. I am certain this investment will repay me by preventing issues with injection pump and nozzle rebuilds/replacement, improved fuel economy, better performance, and high reliability. Money well spent.

Install and Tech Information

Download FASS TS-D08 Install Instructions.pdf