SEAT HEATER - ROSTRA - DUAL ELEMENT ('03-'19, 2500/3500)

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What if you did not order the factory-installed, heated seats in your Dodge Ram truck and wish you had? The answer is a Rostra Controls seat heater kit. This kit fits one seat.

The heat elements warm up quickly, and the three-position switch allows for High/Low/Off operation. Some truck owners install the heaters in the conventional manner (bottom and back). Others, typically with back problems, stack the heating elements for a back-only heat.

Position of the heater elements requires removal of the Dodge seat covers, but installation is not difficult as your truck's seat covers are easy to remove. Our custom instructions will show you how we installed the heat elements.

  • 3-position control switch (High/Low/Off)
  • Rapid heat-up time. Feel comfort in less than a minute
  • Separate temperature sensors for seat bottom and back
  • Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Heating pads include carbon-fiber mesh weave
  • Heating pads measure 19" X 10.5" each
  • Heating pads can be trimmed to fit
  • Heating pads secured to seat foam with hi-temp adhesive
  • Wiring harness includes protective convoluted tubing
  • Locking harness ends for secure connections
NOTE; This seat heater is not a replacement for an OEM seat heater. It comes with its own harness and switch.


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Rostra Seat Heaters
Dec 2, 2015  |  By Boris
I bought one of these for my 08 Dodge 2500 SLT that has cloth seats with seat covers. Each one you buy comes with 2 pads so I only did the driver seat, one pad for back and the other for legs. Installation. Installation of the pads was very simple. I did not cut the pads down to a smaller size even though the instructions said I could. (You can only cut in certain places.) I installed them in their shipped size on top of my current seat. The supplied sticky material on the pads held them well to my cloth seats. I have padded seat covers that go over the stock seats and cover/protect the heat pads. It was appx. 20 deg outside when I installed these so I didn't feel like taking apart my stock seats. The instructions said this was acceptable as long as you had seat covers and the pads were protected. Installation of the electrical wires was easy and straight forward as well. (I have a good deal of experience with 12 volt wiring so take that into account.) Anyone with basic tools and ability to read the instructions should be able to install these. Everything that was needed to get these working was supplied for a standard install but I have a power distribution block fed by 1/0 cable under my seat for an amp setup. I purchased another relay to wire the pads so they get power from under the seat and turn off when I turn the key off. Use of the heaters. When on high I start to feel the heat in a short amount of time. (The truck is parked outside overnight so everything in the truck is cold.) After about 10 more minutes, high is too hot to handle and I put it on low for the remainder of my 40 min drive. I have been using them for 2 days so far.

Jan 7, 2017  |  By Joe O'Bremski
My 2011 Ram 3500 came with heated seats and I really loved them. I wanted them in my open cab tube chassis buggy for cold weather wheeling. Got two sets and installed them in my Mastercraft seats and they are amazing! Wheeling in 40F is a breeze now, nice and warm in my seats. Got them for my wife's '06 Hummer H3 too fir xmas a year or two ago and she loves them.

Seat heater
Feb 6, 2017  |  By Larry Schmidt
Rosseta seat heaters work better than some factory heaters that I own

Should have done them sooner
Feb 19, 2017  |  By BK
Hardest part is getting the bottom seat cushion cover off. Wiring is nothing for me, I had a new Acc. Ckt waiting from a painless fuse block I added years ago. Removed all the hog rings, did not replace any of them, looks just great. Feels great on my cranky back... I don't really want it for the cold days, more so for my sore back. Worth the 4hrs it took , from start to finishing cleaning up and putting tools away. I also did a new seat cushion on the drivers side... worth the bux for that too.

Still working great
Sep 5, 2017  |  By Boris
I wrote my first review in 2015 (See below) After 2+ years they are still working great.

Seat heater
Oct 19, 2017  |  By Jon Kettering
This heater gets super warm super fast. 2 is great for very cold. 1 is good for typical cold days. Great product. Easy install

Wow, that was easy heat
Dec 2, 2017  |  By Kyle
Instructions are amazing. I didn't remove the seats from the truck as suggested and had no problems with the install. All told it took about 5 hours for both front seats, much of which was finding switched power. Hint- in the dash below the radio (on my '09 at least) we're the unused factory heater seat leads, fully usable. Tapped right into then, each seat one it's own lead. Super easy!

Very nice and easy to install
May 13, 2018  |  By Nate
Installation was a breeze, Heats up nice and works good, Just in time for the summer.

Rostra Seat Heaters
Mar 7, 2019  |  By John
The install was straight forward with good instructions. I cut about 3 inches from each pad so i wouldn't have to remove the hog rings. This left plenty of pad for heating. Has been installed for a week now and has been working great. I would recommend these.

power source under radio
Feb 3, 2024  |  By David A. Westberg
Bought this kit from Geno's and as usual great service and delivered quickly directions are simple and complete being easy to follow. While trying to find the power leads in an earlier review I haven't been able to locate the factory leads in 2017 Ram even though there is a dedicated circuit and fuse in the fuse box for front heated seats. I have found 2 differant leads in this area that were taped of but there i no power to them. Does anyone have any ideas about this phantom lead.
Owner Response:Thank you for your review. We have only used these heaters as a standalone setup, so not sure how to tie into the factory system.

Install and Tech Information

Download Rostra Seat Heater Instructions.pdf